Monday, 2023-10-09

piggz[m]Kwto, mal, lbt, obs still failing with kernel builds11:29
Ketopiggz[m]: I'll take a look later tonight12:25
malI also tried to build newer boost on obs and the source service seemed to stuck for hours, I know it is a large fetch but not that large12:29
piggz[m]mal: keto: error just says if failed to clone submodue with error 1
piggz[m]maybe out of space?16:52
KetoI added some memory to to the VM as there was oom kills, lets see if that helps17:00
malKeto: piggz[m]: looks like it now managed to fetch those kernel sources17:12
Ketolets see if it helps with the gecko-dev sources, I retriggered that too17:22
malI can also test boost later17:26
attahpiggz[m]: Ugh. I'm still at a complete loss for what to even look for to fix my suspend issues... have you heard anything, or has something fun happened upstream?18:18
attah...and is it true that the source for rk2aw is being withheld? :O18:19
malKeto: gecko sources haven't been fetched yet, could it still be failing, also did you kick that dod package download thingy, it is stuck again18:32
Ketohmm... something is spawning those source service runs, there is now multiple processes running for the gecko-dev and that is not good...20:03
malKeto: looks like it runs out of space when it tries to clone gecko, I see "No space left on device" error22:16

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