Friday, 2023-10-13

DarkijahHow can I get access for my USER DATA and move them to the SD Card01:50
DarkijahANYONE KNOWS????01:50
Darkijahlike a standard thing like that, I can't seem to find any of the user data from Total Commander or MiXplorer01:51
Darkijahwhat is going on with this garbage.01:51
Darkijahokay so far so good07:18
Darkijahanyone here07:34
Darkijahgot Fish going with a new install.07:34
Darkijahso far so good and with my own account07:34
Darkijahand paypal worked, so that is great07:34
Darkijahapparently only needed to do the last step overall for refreshing the device.07:35
DarkijahWHAT IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU USE GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE IN YOUR BROWSER, ARE YOU UTTERLY FULL OF GARBAGE IN YOUR HEAD??? Like come people.... Like Google.... This sick psychopatic company of spying and ruining everything.07:50
DarkijahDuckDuckGo or Qwant as options. DuckDuckGo is usually the first go....07:50
DarkijahOr the Cow search engine....07:50
poetasterAh, I use duckduckgo. what's the issue.07:51
Darkijahlike swisscows although they are somewhat lewd.07:51
Darkijahthe Browser by default links to Google.07:51
DarkijahThat is disgusting.07:51
Darkijahthe Fish Browser.07:51
Darkijahthat is really SMELLY!!!!!07:51
poetasterI think you have too much time on your hands.07:51
DarkijahNoooo, I have way to little time.07:52
DarkijahYou wanna see what I am doing at the moment? beside trying to fix the mobile.07:52
DarkijahSee the backgrounds... been trying to find some good ones.07:53
DarkijahYou know time is not something we have so much of.07:53
DarkijahYou don't link to Google as an alternative to get away from EVIL WICKED GOOGLE07:53
DarkijahIt is like Firefox telling they have concerned about your privacy and right at the very same moment throw you into Googles arms07:54
DarkijahIt is like saying to your woman you are going to take care of her, and then push into the meat grinder.07:54
DarkijahMight drop the / in the Jolla Web address - looks better without it07:55
Darkijahlike 4 options search engines and google being the default.... no DuckDuckGo.... That is just criminal. Are SailFish getting money from Google?07:56
DarkijahI know Firefox gets lots of money from Google, so they then think it is okay to lie to the user, and ruin the Firefox browser.07:56
Darkijahprobably infiltrated by ProCrappers.07:56
Darkijahwho loves money and insanity features and taking away all the sane stuff.07:57
DarkijahJOLLE Totally disapointed with the google bullshit. Just to be clear in the spit.07:57
DarkijahBing Google Yahoo and Yandex are the options by default.... SIGH....07:58
DarkijahYou should look into the other 3 mentioned.07:58
Darkijahto support some freedom from Googles insanity - and rotten search results.07:59
Darkijahand sniffing our buttholes as much as they can07:59
DarkijahAnyway, hello all of you - I have now become a member of the SailFish Community.08:00
DarkijahI don't like bullshit.... sums it up.08:00
DarkijahProCrappers needs to be kept in a leash or they run after the money madness and ruin everything.08:01
DarkijahIf they are not check by the users, they crap all over.08:02
Darkijahqwant also have a joiner search thing, without all the sodomit wicked stuff08:03
henkwhat’s "ProCrappers"?08:03
DarkijahI know duckduckgo have 3 variants of its search engine08:05
Darkijahstandard and one without Java I think and another.08:05
DarkijahAnd Qwant should have.... a Joiner version as well I tested a good amount of time ago.08:05
Darkijahhave Qwant and the Joiner version, although trying to find the later and have not found it yet.08:06
DarkijahPut all my results on the forum but they deleted it all, because they where evil sodomits.08:06
Darkijahand apparently did not like me speaking about child friendly search engines that does not promote evil wicked nonsense.08:06
DarkijahJolle should LITERALLY delete Google from standard in there browser. Utter depravity.08:08
DarkijahGive the long middle birdie to Google08:08
henkhm, I can’t tell if this is some form of satire ):08:08
DarkijahAnd all the people said Amayn..... Or?08:08
DarkijahNaa life is to sort for satire.08:09
DarkijahFOUND IT!!!!
Darkijahand you have the standard:
Darkijahand then....08:10
DarkijahOkay.... Need to use my brain here with that..... give me 5 minutes.08:10
DarkijahThere we go!08:11
Darkijahand... https://www.startpage.com08:12
DarkijahThere we go....08:12
DarkijahAlthough have not tried Startpage much....08:13
DarkijahBUT GOOGLE???? NO WAY!!!!08:13
DarkijahSo kick google out and in with DuckDuckGo and maybe some of the others - you can test them out yourself! :)08:14
DarkijahLinks above.08:15
DarkijahShould be like a feature STOP NAGGING ME.... I just wanna use the mobile not playing a clicking game.08:16
DarkijahBy the way it seems the system auto formated the Micro SD card.... That might not be the best if that is the case - you quickly lose near a Tera byte of Data by that.08:17
DarkijahAnyway... I'm from Danmark.08:18
DarkijahMaybe Jolle should look into the New FairPhone - I have not tried it, but could be worth a try to see if it is worth anything to further engage in make a version for it.08:20
DarkijahYou would then have a long supported mobile with some sane features....08:20
DarkijahAnd you might lock into that community as well....08:20
DarkijahThereby helping each other to at least have some sanity left in the world.08:21
pherjung[m]Darkijah: They already tried and it didn't match. No idea why. Surely money08:22
DarkijahHow did it not match?08:22
DarkijahHardware and Software?08:23
DarkijahLike it is not easy to get an old Mobile - I found one in Denmark. Well I can now shop again on the internet it seems so that helps of cause.08:23
Darkijahalthough needed as it is today, HACK THE PLANET.08:24
Darkijahalways hacking the planet it seems.08:24
DarkijahDesignet til 6-12-årige, Qwant Junior er den første søgemaskine, der giver børn mulighed for at udforske internettet, mens de lærer i fuld sikkerhed. Ubegrænset internetadgang er ikke egnet for børn; med Qwant Junior sikrer vi forældrenes tryghed.08:33
DarkijahWhat does m Means? + or @08:34
DarkijahSo how does on gets Foreca working?09:15
Darkijahjust says invalid authentication credentials... what do I need to write?09:16
pherjung[m]You need an API key. Look at this page
DarkijahArgh.... lost the information18:43
DarkijahAnd that is why I don't wanna use IRC much18:43
malDarkijah: channel is logged
Darkijahonly has to the 10?19:39
Darkijahohh found it, thank mal19:40
DarkijahWell does not seem like anyone resonded.19:40
malto which question?20:11

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