Saturday, 2023-10-14

riniguspoetaster: morning! if I install meecast from chum, I don't get any weather sources in the list where I am supposed to add new location. that's on a clean install, with meecast package installed from chum (no daemon or other packages)07:32
riniguswhat do I miss?07:32
rinigusnote that I tried to have "Transparency" enabled as well. didn't help07:33
riniguspoetaster: also, chum _service points to your fork. isn't it supposed to point towards upstream?07:41
riniguspoetaster: I may have found the reason. will look into it08:00
poetasterrinigus, morning!08:30
poetasterrinigus, yes, I wanted to point it to vslad's  it wasn't supposed to go to chum proper yet.08:31
riniguspoetaster: testing at obs chum:testing right now08:31
rinigusand similar in qml08:32
poetasterrinigus, I did an install from testing which went fine, could be that i had data on the phone though. I'll do a clean install again.08:32
riniguspoetaster: build is running in chum:testing - wait few minutes :)08:32
poetasterrinigus, I want to try my build again since that 'works' on the one device.08:33
rinigussure, go ahead. just in the terminal you can see output like "Cannot open: file:///usr/share//images/mask_background.png" which should be even in the "dirty" install08:34
rinigusunless qml cache is helping out08:34
poetasteryeah, could be I led myself up the garden path and installed from openrepos by mistake.08:39
poetasterok, I see it.08:41
poetasterrinigus, you think it's just silica? Looks like : again08:47
riniguspoetaster: will know in a sec08:48
riniguspoetaster: in our case, yes08:48
poetasterrinigus, ok. the fix from that link works. but08:49
poetasterI thought this had been dealt with ...sigh08:49
riniguspoetaster: my fix works. with silica available, they add SAILFISHOS define and that is used in generation of path08:50
poetasterrinigus, ah, yes. the define is in the pro08:50
poetasterbut you're fix works as is? I'll fix on mine and redo the PR.08:51
poetasterrinigus, ah, shit. already merged.08:53
riniguspoetaster: my fix works as it is08:54
poetasterrinigus, ok, you want to push a PR? I've noted the missing BuildRequires: qml(Sailfish.Silica) in the Obs issue (43).08:55
riniguspoetaster: I can send PR - no problem08:55
poetasterThe objective was to be able to build directly off /Meecast sailfishos branch.08:55
poetasterrinigus, ok, cool. thanks.08:56
riniguspoetaster: I should send it against "sailfishos" branch, right?08:56
poetasterrinigus, yes.08:56
poetasterrinigus, my patches don't look like they were merged. I gotta stop multitasking.08:58
poetasterrinigus, thanks!09:00
poetasterrinigus, I'll make a note in
poetasterah, I see, I wanted to squash those down. hmmm.09:02
riniguspoetaster: let it be. they can squash it on merge09:04
poetasterrinigus, true.09:05
poetasterrinigus, thanks for catching it! looks like I had gone through all the effort and had the openrepos repo still active. sigh.09:06
riniguspoetaster: it is easier when you don't use openrepos :) . I have only 1 repo there open and get all via chum. thank you for bringing it to OBS09:07
rinigusstarted a rebuild with 1.1.36+obs tag09:07
poetasterrinigus, meecast, using github actions, is using v0.0.0 tags for releases from 1.1.36, for what it's worth09:09
riniguspoetaster: github actions don't get published through some repo - maybe openrepos. but then, it is easier to have it all at chum09:11
poetasterrinigus, yes, I just helped get the actions, which he was using, actually publishing the artifacts to the release visibly.09:12
poetasterrinigus, and yes, I'd rather have everything in chum :)09:12
rinigushas someone looked into why all lists in meecast are so packed? like list in settings, selection of locations and so on. as if silica guidelines don't exist :(09:12
poetasterrinigus, it predates silica :)09:13
poetasterI wanted to look at some more elementary things like fixing the foreca scrapers retrieval of 'now' status09:14
rinigusstill, rather difficult to use on touchscreen. no margins in few places09:14
poetasterrinigus, it's ok on the larger phones (volla22) but a pita on the 10iii. agreed.09:18
thilo[m]having a short session with camerapi2 for my XA2 again...... (full message at <>)16:47
thilo[m]looks like soong is not properly included16:48
thilo[m]ah, it is also in the camera includes...16:51
thilo[m]hmm, this is the full line:... (full message at <>)16:52
thilo[m]and this contains a -I frameworks/av/camera/ndk/include -16:52
thilo[m]and the file build/frameworks/av/camera/ndk/include/camera/NdkCaptureRequest.h seems to exist16:52
thilo[m]just to be sure i ran make clean an building it again17:01
malthilo[m]: interesting, I will check the includes17:07
thilo[m]the is a sdk_version >=24 guard, but that should be fine for android platform version 8.117:09
malthilo[m]: can you test moving #include <camera/NdkCaptureRequest.h> before the #include <camera/NdkCameraCaptureSession.h>17:15
malthere was a change in android 10 which added the missing include to NdkCameraCaptureSession.h17:18
thilo[m]aah, i should have read the error line more careful... this makes sense17:20
malfor reference
thilo[m]okay, that fixd this. next one:... (full message at <>)17:21
maladd #include <camera/NdkCameraWindowType.h>17:23
malneed to check a bit more17:23
thilo[m]it is too new17:23
thilo[m]only added in 201817:24
malyes, replace the type in the code with ANativeWindow17:25
malI will fix it properly later17:25
malusing some ifdef'd typedef17:26
thilo[m]you were quicker, just came to the same conclusion :D17:26
thilo[m](just looked at the diff of the lineage commit17:27
malI have sources for almost all android bases locally to grepping is fast17:27
mal*so grepping is fast17:27
thilo[m]next one:... (full message at <>)17:31
malcomment out that part of the code17:31
thilo[m]did it17:36
thilo[m]now i got a few unknown enums17:36
thilo[m]or identifiers17:36
thilo[m]probably remove that code as well17:37
malyes, known issue, zoom need to be implemented differently on older bases17:37
thilo[m]good, this time building takes way longer17:44
thilo[m]i kept track here:
Darkijahso is this free?17:46
Darkijahmal you there?17:46
DarkijahApparently I am getting censored on the forum17:47
Darkijahcan̈́'t speak direct these days everybody gets offended17:47
thilo[m]iirc you need an api key for this17:49
thilo[m]from the link you posted:17:49
thilo[m]> TRY IT FOR FREE - Trial access (2000 API requests/day) provided for 30 days17:49
thilo[m]this looks good:17:51
thilo[m]#### build completed successfully (07:53 (mm:ss)) ####17:51
thilo[m]now i have a real problem... where is my xa2...17:52
thilo[m]do i need to reboot?17:53
thilo[m]nvm did it...17:55
thilo[m]hmm will the stock camera app use the new api?17:56
malthilo[m]: I use jolla-camera for testing18:05
thilo[m]okay, then it works... preview lags a bit but i got only 10% battery so...18:06
thilo[m]video capture seems to work18:07
thilo[m]taking pictures as well..18:07
thilo[m]even zooming works... hmmm i am not sure i actually deployed this correctly :D18:08
thilo[m]i couldnt find logmessages so i ran a %s/ALOGI("/ALOGE("Camera2/g18:09
thilo[m]oh, the log says:18:11
thilo[m]10-14 18:07:16.927  3076 10169 W Camera2Client: notifyError: Received recoverable error 3 from HAL - ignoring, requestId 1000003618:11
thilo[m]I guess a Camera2Client warning should mean I got it right18:12
thilo[m]just doing another reboot with my log changes and then i am off, but looks like success right now18:13
thilo[m]and i gonna take a zoomed picture18:13
malthilo[m]: no way video recording works18:13
malare you sure you really use the new lib18:14
DarkijahSo SailFish comes with a weather App that cost money? pretty much.....18:15
DarkijahSupporting an app that you need to further put monthly subscription or something in it18:15
DarkijahGive me a break18:16
Darkijah'So it seems Total Command and MiXPlorer does not work with finding the user data, most likely because it is encrypted, typically bullshit from procrappers.18:17
DarkijahLike oh it does not effect anything, BULLSHIT and a Lie.18:17
thilo[m]Darkjah: i am surprised you do not even consider that the situation changed in the 12 years SFOS is active18:17
Darkijahtakes away the users freedom to do what he want.18:17
Darkijahconsider what... I just got this system some days ago.18:17
attahSo let me get this straight... you despise google like the plague, and yet you insist in having Derpdroid apps to manage your files even despite being told that's not how it works?18:18
DarkijahWhy are some saying that SailFish is death? Have they stopped things?18:18
Darkijahattah, I expect things to work without bullshit as the user in control of things.18:19
Darkijahand not just another google trick to take my freedom away.18:19
attahAndroid being walled in is a feature, not a bug.18:19
Darkijahif I want to encrypt, that should only be a feature as a choice.18:19
DarkijahNot walled in for the rest of the system, only seems to be the user files - so stop the ignorant bullshit.18:20
attahYou keep attributing encryption with problems that are not even close to related18:20
Darkijahand bullshit excuses18:20
DarkijahWell why can't I see my user files then in those file managers18:21
attahIf you insist on using Android apps, go use Android instead18:22
DarkijahI can see pretty much else in the file manager. Hey Attah, take a hike. Get me someone else with some sanity without diabolical excuses and utter rubbish.18:23
attahAh, yes... insulting people is an excellent way to get help18:23
DarkijahPizza time. My poor brain.18:24
DarkijahYea at least I won't get any excuses of utter gibberish.18:24
Darkijahonly getting older and a chest for my body, way to little time to be drowned with waste of rubbist.18:25
thilo[m]mal: g2g, will report back when i confirmed that this is indeed camera218:27
Darkijahpizza time18:32
Darkijahsure feature.... Yea well, it is always a feature, safety for the user, for the users concern - we strip everything the users wants to protect them and push every insane thing they don't want - is the agenda mostly.18:33
DarkijahAt leat i can enjoy a pizza or 2.18:34
Darkijahno added features for that.18:34
DarkijahThere was this feeling, with Candy and Celebration and yelling to Satan all over again and again after the Fakistinian Mohammadans committing this bloodbath in Jisra'ayl that it was a win for them whatever happened to them. Well.... Chamas might not survive much longer and the Jews are now gathered together in strength to take them out.18:58
DarkijahIf Chamas had any reason upstairs, they would release the Hostages and get the White flag out waving.19:06
maljust stop19:06
maldiscussion in this channel should only be about sailfish, nothing else19:07
DarkijahA huge amount of my posts has been censored on the forum, what a joke.19:22
DarkijahWoke bullshitters who can't handle anything other then political correct satanic bullshit.19:23
malyou write very aggressively on forum so no wonder people don't like it19:32
DarkijahHmm I wonder if I just put this file in the installation browser.19:32
DarkijahWell they can dislike it, and walk by my message - and stop flagging them.19:32
DarkijahAnyway do I need to put this in the installation folder?
Darkijahfor it to work19:33
malcalling people sick is not really at all appropriate way of discussing things19:33
DarkijahI have glass in my feet and all sorts of health issues.... I tend to get somewhat direct.19:33
DarkijahI'm sick and tired of bullshit19:34
DarkijahThey are murdering us, and the only thing we get is censorship19:34
DarkijahAnyway... This guy talked about a solution but... not sure what to do about it.19:34
DarkijahDo I just put the file in the installation folder and flash the mobile?19:35
malas forum guidelines say, people should not be criticized19:35
malwhich file are you talking about?19:36
thilo[m]mal: this should work, right? devel-su cp ./ /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib64/libdroidmedia.so19:44
thilo[m]and then i need to reboot?19:44
malthilo[m]: is that xa2? can you check if the original libdroidmedia was actually under lib and not lib6419:45
thilo[m]oh that would be a stupid mistake19:45
thilo[m]i didnt confirm that19:45
malit's under lib19:46
malthilo[m]: I checked on my xa2 and it's lib19:46
thilo[m]moved it to lib19:46
thilo[m]k looks better, now it is crashing19:46
Darkijah <---- there is someone talking about installing sailfish without incryption but not sure how to do it.19:47
DarkijahWhy did my SFOS just restart19:47
DarkijahI don't know.... can't remember anything anymore.19:48
malI think it could be prevented by removing file /var/lib/sailfish-device-encryption/encrypt-home before booting sailfish the first time, this could be done via recovery19:53
thilo[m]mal:  i guess it is a good idea not to deploy 64 bit binaries into the lib folder ;)19:57
thilo[m]mal: capturing images seems to work now, taking videos crashes, the viewfinder/preview does not have inverted colors19:58
thilo[m]zooming does nothing19:58
thilo[m]ill write this into the gh issue19:58
thilo[m]maybe it is easier not to deploy camera2api for the xa2 ;)19:59
malvideo recording is not implemented yet, so you are saying viewfinder has correct color on xa2? interesting19:59
malzoom just needs to be implemented for older devices, I haven't yet done that since I have been using x10 III for testing so far20:00
thilo[m]how can i help you to progress?20:01
malif you want to try to implement zoom for xa2 that would help20:02
thilo[m]i'll take a look :)20:02
malthilo[m]: that is the one to be used20:04
maland maybe also and related things for optical zoom20:06
malI haven't looked into android code yet to see how things are really done there20:08
Darkijahstinking encryption.20:18
attahThe things you are attributing to it has nothing to do with it - and you have been told this. Happy timewasting!20:20
*** Sellerie58 is now known as Sellerie520:40
DarkijahWe will see20:43
Darkijahperl   ### editing to fix supported device product codes no devices need modifying   ### creating raw img from sparse img simg2img sailfish.img001 sfos_lvm_raw.img20:44
Darkijahneeded simg2img as well20:44
Darkijahhe forgot to say20:44
Darkijahattah maybe you are the time waster!20:45
*** Sellerie5 is now known as Sellerie20:51
malthilo[m]: just to be sure, did you really mean that viewfinder looks of on your device?20:52
DarkijahFunny how patching this img with the non encryptian thing fixed the issue of turning off the blue light when taking out the USB Cable without needing to do the 2 button restart that I needed to do with the other.21:38
Darkijahlets turn this patch version on21:38
DarkijahI understand you don't need any passcode anymore either21:39
Darkijahthat would be nice.21:39
DarkijahI don't understand all this linux file manager nonsense21:42
Darkijahthen it is in this folder or another or another21:42
Darkijahhome, run whatever21:42
Darkijahnaa only worked the first 2 times flashing21:46
Darkijahwell I guess I saw how it should work21:46
b100dian[m]mal: on my A11 zenfone I get the same YUV_420_888 (format = 35) from preview buffers and I wasn't able to map them in gst-droid to anything useful either :-/ I wonder if it's further in qt-qpa or even or gst-droid needs color conversion like in gstdroidvdec22:03
malb100dian[m]: do you have some color issue on that also?22:08
maldon't use all caps22:09
b100dian[m]Mal: yes, on preview22:09
malb100dian[m]: how come I don't remember hearing about such issue before22:10
malstop yelling22:10
b100dian[m]mal: this is still camera2 I'm talking about22:11
malb100dian[m]: ah, sorry22:11
Darkijahyou know on a mobile.... space is very valuable but ProCrappers loves to waste it.22:11
Darkijahround icons and all sorts of utter rubbish22:11
Darkijahapparently if you wanna encrypt your data you lose all your data... lol....22:12
malb100dian[m]: I wonder if camera2 changed the format that is being used22:12
Darkijahand I guess it is a one way direction22:12
DarkijahBut as it usually goes some ProCrapper needs to come and try to defend the encryption or whatever else of idiot bullshit feature.22:14
Darkijahthat is the norm22:14
DarkijahLike push and there you are... no code.22:15
DarkijahI love it, I just zip it and upload it to my webpage and fix a link on the forum so people don't need to do all the madness things to patch the original.22:16
Darkijahwonder if it fixed any isse with.... At least no password, ohh so nice, SOOOO NICE!!!!22:16
Darkijahlike it should have been from default setting22:16
DarkijahI'm from the sane days of windows 2000 where you just had "root" out of the box!!!!22:17
Darkijahdays of freedom and no bullshit.22:17
Darkijahohhh they where the days22:17
Darkijahthe best thing Microsuck... sorry, MegaSucks ever created and made!22:17
DarkijahI should buy a copy of Windows 2000 and asked to be burried with it next to Bible.22:18
Darkijahto a bible22:18
DarkijahNo password, I feel so much freer!22:19
DarkijahIn a world of madness it is hard to be sane.22:20
Darkijahor keep sanity.22:20
DarkijahWell at least I can see my Micro SD card from Total Commmander and MiXplorer22:24
Darkijahand have access to that, still not sure if it did anything to that - but Password gone, oh this is so nice.22:24
Darkijahlike a great release of the body, for a pleasure of manyfold - it is done.22:25
DarkijahHack the Planet - that is the ways of today using digital things.22:26
Darkijahyou feel every single way you look, it is just putting walls against you, and not helping you at all.22:27
Darkijahwhat a world to grow up in.22:27
Darkijahnever feeling the freedom that once was, and the sanity and the big English Manuals nearly like books22:28
Darkijahcensorship everywhere, lockdowns and tyrannic sickness all over, spying, ads and walls22:28
DarkijahLike could you just have a button STOP NAGGING ME AND GIVE ME ACCESS TO THE APP????????????????????22:29
Darkijahthe satanic clicking game22:29
DarkijahIs there a least a way to give the long middle birdie to these security acceptance popups?22:30
Darkijahlike a feature saying, STOP NAGGING ME LIKE A WOMAN WHO CAN'T CLOSE HER MOUTH.22:30
Darkijahlike Put her in a small room, look the door - and let me alone.22:31
Darkijahapparently this patch makes your name nemo22:32
Darkijahnot sure what that really does either way22:32
Darkijahdefault user might also be a little long overall22:32
Darkijahuser would suffice I think22:33
Darkijahmaybe some issues if you have other users22:33
Darkijahnot sure how that works out.22:33
Darkijahnemo.... hmmmm22:33
DarkijahSomeone seeing to much Cartoon?22:34
DarkijahNobody Meaning:Nobody. Nemo is a boy's name of Latin origin, meaning “nobody.” If the name sounds familiar, maybe it is because of the beloved clownfish in the animated film, Finding Nemo.22:34
DarkijahArgh Roman Latin....22:34
DarkijahFinding Nobody.....22:34
DarkijahI wonder if I could chose my own name by default.... with this patch22:37
Darkijahhow do I put the data for the weather app into it so it works?23:17
Darkijahit still says invalid authentication credentials, yet.... I don't know where to put it.23:17
DarkijahAnyone there23:35
Darkijahif anyone wants the patched version for Xperia 10 3 without encryption you can download it here:
Darkijahtook me some time to sort it all out.... but here is the end product so you don't need to get through all the nonsense.23:37
DarkijahI have it installed and it no password is needed anymore after fix the option.23:38
Darkijahno code while starting up.23:38
Darkijahjust wonderful23:38

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