Sunday, 2023-10-15

Darkijahhow do you get this Foreca bullshit working?00:18
Darkijahthis no one aroujnd02:35
Solrac[m]<Darkijah> "WHY IS FORECA NOT WORKING" <- API Breakage. By the looks of it. IIRC there was an update to attempt to fix it. Its still broken. If you can, look into MeeGo Weather. It can replace the original weather app05:18
Darkijahsigh even05:19
DarkijahSo it just does not work05:19
Darkijahis what your saying Solrac[m] ?05:19
Solrac[m]<Darkijah> "So it just does not work" <- Sadly not. And I, like few others have opted to switch to this.
Solrac[m]And to have it in the EventView/Notifications;
Solrac[m]There are a LOT of Providers, including Foreca. So feel free to explore, I personally went with The Weather Channel, because my particular area wasn't available in some providers.05:28
Solrac[m]So if you're up for it, let us know, I guess Darkijah  v:05:33
DarkijahI already now have meecast install from the Jolla app store05:35
DarkijahBut I would need the meecast even view05:35
Darkijahwhich version?05:36
DarkijahFile harbour-meecast-event-1.1-1.i486.rpm216.39 KB07/09/2023 - 08:59 File harbour-meecast-event-1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm216.76 KB07/09/2023 - 08:59 File harbour-meecast-event-1.1-1.aarch64.rpm05:36
Darkijahand how do I install an rpm file in SF?05:40
DarkijahBTW any way to stream your screen to youtube or something?05:41
Darkijahany app for SF05:41
Solrac[m]<Darkijah> "and how do I install an rpm file..." <- you can install via the file browser05:58
DarkijahNo idea what source is best to get the weather from but I guess Foreca is somewhat well known?05:59
DarkijahJust changed to it, I guess one can added more sources as it goes. does not seem the GPS does much.06:00
Solrac[m]I suggest going over each, add the ones that have your local area, and then compare, which you'd like best06:00
Solrac[m]Mine was The Wether Channel / Weahter.com06:00
DarkijahYea, that is a good idea, I thought about it as well.06:00
DarkijahI think that was the first I tried as well, although took copenhagen, got Tårnby from foreca.com06:02
Darkijahanyway... I wanna have that even thing installed06:02
Darkijahbut not sure which of the 3 files is for this system06:02
Darkijahcommand rpm not found06:03
Darkijahin the file manager, sure need to install something I would think06:03
Darkijahsony xperia 10 iii i486 aarch64 arnv7?06:15
Darkijahhmmm not a single file seems to wanna install, I guess I have to have the version from openrepos to have it work06:23
DarkijahWhy is this not working out of the box.... like pull up the butthole on it.06:23
Darkijahor tighten it rather06:24
DarkijahLOL the last one I test, is the one working06:27
Darkijahyea.... just my day06:27
Darkijahaarch64 it seems to be06:27
Darkijahoh there is the GPS data06:27
Darkijahwell.. having issues with installing the meecast event thing06:31
DarkijahCan the file manager not install rpm files?06:31
Darkijah'it says the commmand rmp is not found06:31
DarkijahSolrac[m]: well as far as I can see it does not work07:03
Solrac[m]<Darkijah> "Solrac: well as far as I can see..." <- Check the one from open repos, via Storeman07:26
Darkijahwhat storeman07:41
Darkijah'the app installs, but the event view does not07:42
pherjung[m]<Darkijah> "what storeman" <- A client for OpenRepos08:17
DarkijahFinally something worked09:05
DarkijahI don't get why you guys would not have sorted it out so it works out of the box09:06
Darkijahlike it is easier for you guys to fix it then for everyone to waste hours to get it working09:06
Darkijahbut yea, storeman worked, but kinda hard to know.... like a link would have been nice....09:08
poetasterrinigus, meecast merges done, so it could become upstream src for obs. on the next release.09:29
thilo[m]<mal> "thilo: just to be sure, did..." <- the viewfinder looked normal on the xa2 but was a bit laggy, but i attribute this to power saving because of low battery10:01
thilo[m]yes, it does not lag anymore now10:02
thilo[m]a bit low fps maybe10:02
riniguspoetaster: great! then please do so when the next release is out10:11
thilo[m]mal: one would have to translate from a zoom float between... 1 and 8 to crop_region. Newer devices then the XA2 should support the ZOOM_RATIO keys... is there even an advantage of supporting camerapi2 on the XA2? Otherwise I would ditch this and build this again for my Xperia 10III... although I don't like to play with my daily device ;)11:22
poetasterrinigus, will do!11:59
malthilo[m]: I thought only android 11+ supports zoom_ratio12:01
thilo[m]mal: okay, implementing zooming turned out to be a lot easier than i thought. I'll create a PR later16:43
thilo[m]mal: that was fun, I was programming cpp the first time in... 10 years?16:43
thilo[m]mal: do you know which version brought the new zoom api? I found the (commit)[] but don_t know  what to write into my #if ;)17:02
thilo[m] * mal: do you know which version brought the new zoom api? I found the [commit]( but don_t know  what to write into my #if ;)17:02
thilo[m] * mal: do you know which version brought the new zoom api? I found the but don_t know  what to write into my #if ;)17:03
malthilo[m]: android 1117:34
malthilo[m]: just a example how look for that, if you search zoom_ratio in and you see it's missing from the latter17:35
poetasterrinigus, vasvlad just published v1.1.37 :)17:45
poetasterrinigus, running in chum:testing now.17:46
rinigusgreat! then I expect your submission :)17:46
poetasteranyone here have experience building multi gpu systems (4 RTX cards are on the table). And no, I'm not doing LLM and NO I'm not doing crypto :)17:46
poetasterrinigus, thanks for your help. I'll try to adress some of the QML issues when I have a chance.17:59
malthilo[m]: I added some review comments to the PR18:02
attahpoetaster: so what *are* yo doing?18:02
poetasterattah, I'm building a VisionEncoderDecoder Model to aid in the verification / validation of iso26262 HaRa reports. Industrial documentation processing.18:26
poetasterFor a friend :)18:26
attahThat does sound like fun :)18:27
poetasteroh, it is NOT fun. at all. But, gotta earn some dough. And the friend in question is a real sweetheart of an electrical engineer who actually takes functional safety seriously.18:28
poetasterwell, hopefully it'll be more fun when I have a decent machine built. I'm not doing this in the cloud.18:30
poetasterattah, so, your no doubt sound advice about the hardware? :)18:30
attahNowadays it should be very possible to run those at full speed in a system mortals can actually buy18:31
poetasterattah, the training is a bitch when you're dealing with large datasets of large images. inference is no issue. training.18:32
attahAnd iirc no need for direct links when doing compute18:32
attahThat type of software is above my paygrade and/or outside my sphere of interest18:33
poetasterwell, just because there is a lot of handwaving doesn't mean it's above your paygrade :)18:34
poetasterI'm a neophyte in the domain. 3d game development is more demanding.18:36
attahSo what are your hardware woes anyway?18:37
poetasterheh. I need to build a machine. I have high end rent servers but I need to build a machine with GPUs. Everything is CUDA optimized, means nvidia hardware.18:38
attahDatacenter? Desk? Closet?18:42
DarkijahIs the 3 button down right used for anything on the Xperia 10 3????18:43
Darkijahor can it be used for anything? like the flash18:43
Darkijahor the light18:43
poetasterattah, desk, but probably basement.18:43
attah and whatever ASRock rack MB that has 4 full-speed PCIe slots? (I.e. something with Epyc)18:45
Darkijahuser screen turns off even if using to hit one of the top 3 apps18:45
DarkijahDo we have an auto accept for all apps in regards of permissions?18:46
DarkijahIf you wanna see the permissions you can just do afterwards....18:47
Darkijahlike we don't need a popup for that18:47
Darkijaha warning of sort.18:47
Darkijahit is just ridiculus clicking nonsense of the Devil18:47
DarkijahWe want things to be user friendly!!!! Like something procrappers don't hear much about apparently.18:47
poetasterattah, finding a motherboard that has space for the job is also an issue.18:48
attahpesky 3-slot jobbies?18:48
poetasterI was thinking of something like:18:49
poetasterBild 1 von 418:49
poetasterZum Vergrößern anklicken18:49
poetasterSie haben so einen Artikel?18:49
poetasterGebührenfrei verkaufen18:49
poetasterBiostar TB360-BTC 2.018:49
poetasterOh, sorry!18:49
poetasterThe slots are spaced far enough apart to get a number (I'm thinking 3-4). There's lots of mining rigs out there, but I'de like to build a propper pc.18:50
attahChassis for those are basically non-existing18:50
poetasterwell, there's a buy in the czech republic has some :)18:51
attahAnd i guess Alphacool Mining Cube 30018:52
poetasterNo, custom built by them. I think serving the greed of the german crypto community until that blew up :)18:53
poetasterlike these:
poetasterbut, that's all already old hat. I just don't know what I'm doing.18:56
attahApart from that computersalg(.dk) seems good at sourcing oddball components, including several of those motherboards... i don't have much to offer18:58
poetasterok, thanks!18:59
riniguspoetaster: builds started - thanks for submitting it :)19:00
poetasterrinigus, thanks for helping !19:00
poetasterattah, that alphacool looks fun. nasa fun.19:00
attahand who doesn't like fun?19:01
riniguspoetaster: looks like its the only way we can weather app these days. unless it will get released again?19:01
rinigus(the official one)19:01
poetasterrinigus, well, as you pointed out, it could use some polish, but the nice thing is it's a scraper. no apis needed.19:02
poetasterit uses xpath on raw html. I got kinda sentimental looking at the code.19:03
poetasterattah, fun, I'm playing my experimental euclidean sampler as I type.
rinigushmm, maybe that's why is not working that well. api could probably do it better...19:03
poetasterrinigus, yes, that is true.19:04
attahBonus points for beer cap and swedish hardware19:04
poetasterrinigus, but, perhaps the 1.1.37 update has improvements.19:05
poetasterteenage engineering. always an inspiration. crappy displays, though :)19:06
poetasterbut a brilliant machine. I think soniccharge, who build microtonic originally are also swedish, but not sure.19:08
poetasterattah, the project is a revival of a belgian project called axoloti STM32F4xx project
poetasterattah, I helped finance the first round of prototypes. sebastian doing the hardware works in taipei for some large semiconductor company. he's a nice guy.19:11
poetasterrinigus, I hope they release the code. again. I'd certainly take a crack at building a german weather service backend.19:13
riniguspoetaster: we will see. It was rather odd how it was done, without any background information given. So, we can just wait. Or update meecast if needed19:22
DarkijahThere we go - hope it helps someone19:27
Darkijahand hopefully Jolla will fix it ASAP so newbs like me don't need to waste time on it.19:28
Darkijahweather app now working very nice19:30
poetasterrinigus, odd about says it. the sailmates have been spending too much time negotiating with foreca for a license.19:32
DarkijahWhat is wrong with replacing one weather app with the other?19:32
Darkijahmaking it work out of the box?19:32
poetasterrinigus, so, if we go ahead with it, sailmates members will have access to an industrial key.19:32
poetasterDarkijah, nothing is wrong with that. I wrote my own weather app. But, out of the box, foreca, while nice, is expensive19:33
poetasterDarkijah, and Jolla is in financial difficulties because of unfortunate association with russian investors.19:34
poetasterDarkijah, which is all just 'bad luck' at a time when there seems to be a bit too much bad luck going around.19:35
Darkijahwhat is so good with foreca anyway?19:35
Darkijahahhh, the ukraine russua conflict19:36
DarkijahYea the world is going mad poetaster19:36
Darkijahmore and more19:36
Darkijahthey wanna murder us.19:36
DarkijahEvery single time... and now I wanna order some fastfood again.... Waking up to a nightmare.19:37
poetasterwell, foreca actually has high quality distilled data. If you compare a lot of weather data providers, you quickly come to the conclusion that they are among the best.19:37
DarkijahThey might be the best, but it is kinda not so useful when things are not working.19:37
DarkijahAnd does MeeCast not work with that by the way?19:37
poetasterLike I said, that's just shit luck at the moment.19:38
DarkijahI don't know the details of it all - just very annoying for a new user to need to figure such things out.19:38
DarkijahWell we did leave God on many levels.... so we deserve to be punished.19:38
poetasterMeecast, based on Omweather, is just fine. And, sure, it's annoying to stumble into a bad phase. But, this is the periphery. We're not in google land, really.19:39
DarkijahGoogle Sucks anyway19:39
Darkijahlots of hack the planet with that as well and issues19:39
DarkijahWell foreca is found in MeeCast... although not sure if there is some kind of legal problem for using it out of the box, lots of nonsense around these days19:40
Darkijahpoetaster: So you say the data of foreca is the best of the best?19:41
poetasterDarkijah, no, but it's top 3 in terms of eventual accuracy.19:42
Darkijahokay gotcha19:42
DarkijahWe have 8 choises in MeeCast beside the GPS thing, not sure where it gets it data from in GPS mode.19:43
DarkijahAnyway... I have it working now at least.19:43
DarkijahI have a Russian programmer who does a nice old school forum, and keeping things alive.19:44
DarkijahWell.. not have... but there is.19:44
poetasterI'm off to bed all, sleep well!19:44
DarkijahAlternative search engines, get rid of Evil Wicked Google!!!! - http://www.startpage.com19:48

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