Monday, 2023-10-23

ViGeattah: You are aware that you can change the workspace folder on the SDK? It doesn't have to be ~.06:19
attahViGe: I suspected as much... but i do have all code that fits there in ~/repos15:44
attahand i do like that15:44
attah....and presumably / won't fly15:44
flypigattah, congrats on getting it to build; no mean feat ;) Interesting that your -j32 build didn't lock up. I wonder if it'd be possible to just get the rust parts to build in a single process?16:47
attahflypig: copy-pasting from guides is one of my specialties!16:58
flypigattah, haha. I don't actually believe you got away with just copy-pasting; the process changes every time I try it! ;)17:02
flypigAdd that as an environment variable? That's a nice idea. It's possible it'll get overridden by a -jn I suppose? I suspect -jn takes precedence.17:03
flypigDefinitely worth a try.17:03
attahLet's see if i can do it all the way from the beginning today17:07
attahNope... now it is failing on ""failed to determine package fingerprint for build script for selectors v0.22.0"17:27
malattah: did you remember to use the git workaround thingy17:29
attahof course not... thanks!17:31
Ketoor maybe put -j1 in CARGOFLAGS... or both... and there is also .cargo/, which could have [build] jobs=1 :)18:00
attahOkay; my build is officially hanging18:01
flypigattah, is that with or without the -j1 that Keto suggested?18:14
flypigOkay, that's good to know; just keeping tabs!18:15
Ketoalso, I have no idea how any of this works, just throwing ideas based on grepping the sources :)18:18
flypigThe look pretty sensible, however you came by them :)18:20
rubdos[m]mal: I've tickled LLVM and Rust a bit, including a patch on your 1_64 branch.  I've basically reverted the statx things on rustc in a patch; that could be used as a workaround for now (and which is what I would do to get WF on a newer rustc for now).  However, I run into trouble getting it to build; I'm missing cross-{armv7hl,aarch64}-glibc, and I'm not sure where to find them.20:54
rubdos[m]I'm not sure whether you'd be happy accepting such a revert; that'd totally depend on Jolla's intent to implement statx.  If it's something you'd consider, it'd be nice to have it spin for a build at OBS' side :)20:56
malI can make a test build20:58
rubdos[m]much appreciated!21:01
malrubdos[m]: almost built22:01
mal[ 2705s] error: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:22:01
mal[ 2705s]    /usr/libexec/rust-analyzer-proc-macro-srv22:01
malrubdos[m]: you should try to build for x8622:03

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