Tuesday, 2023-10-24

rubdos[m]mal: I've checked both the disable flags now.  I've added an rm on that rust-analyzer-proc-macro-srv package05:56
rubdos[m]If that rustc behaves, I will try to port the patch set onto 1.72.1 and see how far that goes.05:56
rubdos[m]mal: any chance we can get those cross packages available, such that I can actually get the cross build to work too?05:59
rubdos[m]In case Jolla doesn't want to have my 0008 patch (which I'd understand), I'd still like to have a short-term 1.64 compiler available. It would really get me out of a lot of hassle for WF.05:59
rubdos[m]mal: looks like rebasing the 1.64 patches on 1.72 is not too much work.15:02
rubdos[m]so it's there. It builds against i48615:02
malrubdos[m]: the new rust built fine but having some issues cross-compiling rust-cbindgen15:28
rubdos[m]mal: could you clarify what you mean by that?  Is that: we could already build 1.72 (without my patch/propsosal), or we can now build 1.72?  And rust-cbindgen as in: external to rust 1.72 (eg. Gecko) or internal when doing the cross build?21:37
rubdos[m]Maybe worth putting that as a comment on Github, just in case I disappear again for a week or so.21:37
malrubdos[m]: I mean when using that 1.64 PR branch it for some reason failed to cross build rust-cbindgen21:38
malneed to check that all needed packages got rebuilt21:39
rubdos[m]mal: ack, understood!21:43
rubdos[m]Possibly you need some version bumps.  I'm really cross about the tendency in Rust for not considering bumping MSRV a breaking change, and vice versa, plainly using forward incompatible things.21:43
rubdos[m]Not a fight I'm going to win, I'm afraid.21:43
malneed to check that tomorrow22:01

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