Wednesday, 2023-10-25

piggz[m]Mal: Fun, seems mesa 23.2.1 might require updated gcc due to brace enclosed initializer lists.07:57
rubdos[m]So they're doing the same painful thing in C/C++ as they do in Rust now? :D08:02
piggz[m]Maybe ill just disable the freedreno driver, im not using it :)08:19
x2sMy phone just told me the sim card has been removed, but I can make calls?!08:46
direc85[m] "GCC 8.0.0 or later (some parts of Mesa may require later versions)"08:50
malpiggz[m]: how much of those are there in mesa?09:59
piggz[m]Mal: not sure, not at home atm, office day :)10:29
piggz[m]You can see the log in dontbeevil10:30
direc85[m]How do I install a local RPM file in the tooling in SFDK?17:51
attahdirec85[m]: pkcon install-local for example17:52
attah...or you can just "open" it in a file browser or similar17:52
attahwait... and i can't read17:53
direc85[m]Okay, that was not a precise question.17:53
direc85[m]How can I copy files inside the sfdk tooling so I can install them to/in it?17:53
attahlike the env you get with sfdk engine exec?17:54
direc85[m]With Platform SDK the tooling filesystem was available in the host filesystem so I could just sudo-copy the required RPMs over to, say, its /root but with sfdk+Docker it looks to be not so.17:55
attahwhen i do sfdk engine exec, i see my regular filesystem from it17:56
direc85[m] well searching for sfdk engine exec yields un-results...17:56
attahso what do you do to get to the env you mean?17:57
direc85[m]I tried using sfdk tools exec SailfishOS- bash as says but I guess sfdk engine exec is better for that purpose...17:58
attahah, right17:58
attahapparently not not the same thing17:59
direc85[m]Failed to contact PackageKit: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.PackageKit: Timeout was reached not quite...18:00
direc85[m]ah, sudo18:01
direc85[m]*sudo zypper18:01
attahhow did you get it in... intermediary web server?18:03
direc85[m]I didn't18:05
direc85[m]sfdk engine exec dropped me to a shell and I sudo zypper'd the packages in18:05
attahI guess i should have been clearer; that is very likely the wrong shell/environment18:06
direc85[m]yeah it is18:06
direc85[m]just noticed :)18:06
attahdirec85[m]: sorry for being so slow today - i just realized how i have done this previously18:11
attahi have one of those task output directories set, and i have RPMs i depend on there... and if required by spec, they get installed for me18:11
direc85[m]Now that you wrote that, I think something like that was in flypig's blog too...18:12
attahYes; and he even shows how to install manually from there18:14
attahThe first of the steps named "Step 8"18:14
direc85[m]Thanks for help attah, I'm currently building Whisperfish with Rust 1.72 and LLVM 14 :)19:48
attahNo worries; sorry for confused/disorganized help19:49
attahVery nice :)19:49
direc85[m]And yes, I had to put the packages to a server so I could download them with curl19:49
direc85[m]If this succeeds, I'll make a forum post of the steps so others can tinker with newer Rust too :)19:50
piggzmal: just the freedreno driver fails to build ... rest was ok
malpiggz: hmm, but I want that :D20:27
malof course I use the old version for now20:28
piggzha ... well, i read it needs gcc 11 ish !20:28
piggzor, you patch out those initializers for some older style20:28
malnot sure how easy those are to patch but need to try20:31
direc85[m]And I now have a i486 RPM for Whisperfish, built with Rust 1.72.1!21:32
rubdos[m]That deserves my congratulations, direc85. Congrats!21:40
rubdos[m]Very happy that we're close to having a modern Rust (again)21:40
malrubdos[m]: maybe I should try building that then22:01
rubdos[m]Yeh, I think you'll encounter the exact same issues anyway22:03
rubdos[m]I will probably also start throwing patches around Christmas, when Rust 2024 drops22:04
rubdos[m]people will want to "bump MSRV" and "bump edition" thereby breaking my interpretation of semver, and I want to be very well ahead of that game22:04

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