Thursday, 2023-10-26

rubdos[m]... let's try 1.73, apparently I'm a version behind.13:06
rubdos[m]Sad panda, the ENV controls need another rebase13:12
malrubdos[m]: that is almost always the case13:25
rubdos[m]only that patch had a conflict though, pushing as we speak13:32
rubdos[m]Patches apply, let's see whether it builds now :)13:34
piggz[m]Running a ninja build with -j16 may have been a mistake13:35
rubdos[m]ugh the rebase was not enough :'-)13:38
direc85[m]<piggz[m]> "Running a ninja build with -..." <- Suprisingly, building fish with -j(nproc) essentially freezes my computer until it's done :o16:17
piggz[m]mal: maybe in hte future ill re-do this as a PR agains your llvm repo
malwondering why we have that disabled in llvm18:34
piggz[m]i think its just a seperate build ... like you have with clang, thats how fedora works18:34

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