Friday, 2023-10-27

direc85[m]For anyone interested on how to get the Rust 1.72 working with SFDK, check out this Whisperfish PR:
direc85[m](Note: you'll still need the packages which Ruben compiled -- we're working to make them available!)10:21
piggz[m]mal: initial report from PPP user, is that so far, with new mesa, he hasnt had a lipstick crash10:46
piggz[m]fingers crossed!10:46
piggz[m]mal: and i think lld has helped with my kernel build ... cross compile build has now been running for quite a while, so hoping it gets to the end!10:59
piggz[m]and just like that, the build stopped with a fail :D11:04
piggz[m]phew, something i can fix with a kcflag11:05
direc85[m]Update: The Whisperfish PR now includes an URL for to download the packages, which means everyone can try Rust 1.72 out :)12:11
maldirec85[m]: were you able to cross build rust-cbindgen?12:36
direc85[m]rubdos actually did the building, I then build Whisperfish with them12:36
rubdos[m](and without the cross compiled stdlibs...)12:44
direc85[m]There were no cbindgen packages built AFAICT12:52
piggz[m]grrr ld.lld: error: failed to open vmlinux.o: Cannot allocate memory16:47
direc85[m]Oof :(19:50

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