Saturday, 2023-11-04

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Solrac[m]Hello~ I have a few questions. The first of which is development related.22:27
Solrac[m]Do I **need** to use Sailfish's Qt browser widget instead of QtWebKit?22:27
Solrac[m]The other question is; is Reinstalling the latest version, better than resetting on the latest version, if I want to reset my phone? (Xperia 10 III)22:28
direc85[m]IIRC QtWebKit is at least deprecated, if not removed in current version. (The reason being - at least one - that in Qt 5.6 it's severely outdated, and probably has bunch of security holes.)22:41
direc85[m]Phone reset = clearing user data? Reflashing is currently the "best" method.22:42
direc85[m]Especially if you plan to sell the device.22:42
Solrac[m]<direc85[m]> "Especially if you plan to sell..." <- for me its undoing a few mess ups Ive done over time :v So I guess backing up `~/.config` is enough to backup stuff like sms and some app configs?22:48
Solrac[m]<direc85[m]> "IIRC QtWebKit is at least..." <- Does the Sailfish one allow for code injection? (My goal is to inject somethijng like, uBlock)22:48
direc85[m]uBlock is on the whishlist of many of us here :)22:49
direc85[m]But currently Browser doesn't support it -- fingers crossed that the work-in-progress Browser update makes it easier to make that happen...22:50
direc85[m]Whisperfish uses custom .js to capture hCaptcha/reCaptcha tokens at least, perhaps that answers some of your questions.22:52
Solrac[m]My goal is to recreate something similar to Maki (android app) which was a social media browser (ie,, etc) but with something akin to Firefox's multi-account containers, but for each site. With a later feature being that you could add your own sites if you wish. -- So Something like lelig, but for social media, at least at first22:54
Solrac[m]Of course, this is just concept, I'm not developing it yet.22:57
direc85[m]There was an application that wrapped Facebook into an application for the same purpose. Perhaps you could use that as a springboard...22:59
direc85[m] This one I think, but it no longer works nor is maintained.23:00
direc85[m]No, that was an actual client.23:01

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