Sunday, 2023-11-05

b100dian[m]There was Sailbook, QtWebkit based, there is still FratzenJail, Sfos Webview based, in Chum00:14
Solrac[m]<b100dian[m]> "There was Sailbook, QtWebkit..." <- I am aware of these, but A) they are limited to FB, B) FB looks and acts pretty rough on them for some reason.00:44
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Solrac[m]<Solrac[m]> "for me its undoing a few mess..." <- also is this correct? @u@01:21
direc85[m]The looks at least way back were because it used the simplified mobile view, which was stripped of some features too.09:44
b100dian[m]I don't know yhe answer to your backup question, maybe search the forums. Or just use integrated backup function + mybackup app.11:10
b100dian[m]For FratzenJail there is a tablet view, but there are also scripts injected to make some things work and maybe they also break other things. You can try your hand at fixing and maybe adapting for other web services11:12
direc85[m]Set up MyBackup, and then make a backup. That should be it. I've always manually copied /home/defaultuser to someplace else too, occationally I've restored stuff from there.13:50
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nephrosHello, I'm just here to plug my dev-centered new app here:
nephroswould love feedback if any of you finds this useful.20:00

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