Monday, 2023-11-06

Solrac[m]Welp. I tried reinstalling Sailfish in accordance to the guide; I unfortunately end up with this error;... (full message at <>)00:32
Solrac[m]I assume I might have the incorrect file?00:36
* Solrac[m] sent a code block:
Solrac[m]can't I just pull the existing vendor img via fastboot?00:37
malso you are trying to flash to xperia 10 III?00:39
Solrac[m]re-flash* if anything00:39
direc85[m]Sounds like USB power saving mode kicking in...00:39
Solrac[m]It already had sailfish00:39
maltry different usb port and/or cable just in case00:40
direc85[m]Yeah, it can be that too.00:42
direc85[m]Here's the autosuspend post:
malhmm, the file size looks odd, downloading the blobs to check00:42
malSolrac[m]: could you redownload the blobs just in case00:43
direc85[m]That's also a good idea. You have to use the very same blob file as instructed.00:43
Solrac[m]direc85[m]: used the one from the link in the online guide00:43
malthat log says 819200 KB but the img inside the zip I downloaded is 351 MB00:43
Solrac[m]Oddly enough, same?>00:44
* Solrac[m] uploaded an image: (216KiB) < >00:44
Solrac[m]Re-re-downloading if anything00:45
Solrac[m]As feedback I would suggest md5sum checks00:46
Solrac[m]speaking of;... (full message at <>)00:46
Solrac[m] * speaking of;... (full message at <>)00:46
Solrac[m] * speaking of;... (full message at <>)00:47
malwhat is the size of that img file?00:50
malsame md5sum here00:51
Solrac[m]mal: ```... (full message at <>)00:55
malvery odd00:56
maldid you try another usb port and/or cable?00:56
Solrac[m]mal: using other port, same cable. looking for other cable00:57
malI could test flashing my x10 III to see what fastboot says when flashing01:01
malI mean just flashing the blobs01:01
malSolrac[m]: Sending 'oem_a' (343636 KB)                        OKAY [  8.629s]01:10
malWriting 'oem_a'                                    OKAY [  0.001s]01:10
malFinished. Total time: 8.641s01:10
Solrac[m]lemme try flashing manually then01:11
malbut the size difference reported by fastboot something is happening in either usb port or cable since the file looked correct based on md5sum01:13
Solrac[m]what confuses me is that its only with this file, the last flash operation.... the rest works fine01:18
malyes, quite odd01:22
maldoes it work if you try to flash just that one image?01:22
malusing this: fastboot flash oem_a SW_binaries_for_Xperia_Android_11_4.19_v9a_lena.img01:22
Solrac[m]no it did not, I ended up moving to a Type C Hub01:23
Solrac[m]considering this is the last flash operation, is it safe to ignore?01:25
malif you had the same image there it should be ok01:26
malI assume you did since you had sailfish before01:26
Solrac[m]in that case, I'll try to proceed @u@01:26
Solrac[m]booted fine so far01:27
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