Wednesday, 2023-11-15

carbonatedcaffeinejust got my xperia 10 ii, loving it so far!12:12
NicoNice, enjoy it!12:26
carbonatedcaffeineI did hear recently that Jolla is in a bit of a pit? Should this worry me as a consumer?12:30
egI'm worried, to say the least. I've been using Sailfish since the first Jolla phone, but now there seems to be more and more problems.17:36
henkcontext? what is goingn on?20:35
poetasterpiggz, is android 12 an issue on th Volla22? SFOS work with that base?21:45
piggzpoetaster: not an issue, a todo ;)21:47
poetasterpiggz, ok, so it's still in progress. Ok, I'll report that :)21:47
piggzyes, "in progress"21:48
poetasterAh, cool! Hasn't effected me, but people are getting repairs back with a newer Android ;)21:49
b100dian[m]No downgrade path?21:51
poetasterI think you could take a factory 12 android GS5 and ubport install VollaOS 11 on it IF you have the old installer and flasher files. But, I haven't tried.22:01
poetasterI have a vm with the flasher. But no device to test atm.22:02

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