Thursday, 2023-11-16

eghenk: If you're asking me, the context at this very moment is the apparent lack of development of Sailfish and in particular, the non-functional Android support. For carbonatedcaffeine the context was / is probably a bit different.08:30
henkeg: I’m asking in general (: thanks08:31
egI bought a second hand Xperia 10 III and would love to install Sailfish on it, but I'm hesitating for obvious reasons. I have never used an Android phone or an iPhone, and still wouldn't want to. And I accidentally throw my Xperia 10 (with Sailfish installed) on the wall...08:41
entileg: "obvious reasons" is lack of development?08:56
malentil: what is the issue with Android support?11:31
maloops wrong name11:31
maleg: what is the issue with Android support?11:31
MiikasdDoes somebody know if the RPM:s generated by the GitHub action are good to go to the harbour?12:33
MiikasdIf I remember correctly the ones generated by OBS are not12:33
MiikasdI mean by this action:
poetasterMiikasd, I think they are fine since they are sdk generated. I haven't tried though.12:42
MiikasdI guess I'll try it12:55
direc85[m]You can also run the validator yourself on the RPMs, can't remember the command though.13:59
MiikasdYeah, I will use the RPM validator beforehand.14:09
MiikasdIt just seems not so easy to set the action to attach the builded RPM to existing release in GitHub :D14:10
egentil: It certainly is, isn't it?21:22
egmal: That it doesn't start, so every Android is un-usable.21:24

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