Friday, 2023-11-17

entilI am worried about the lack of xperia 10iv support, and how it seemed by jolla's communication that a community port would go a long way with having official support, with android support, though for me personally I could just use my xperia 10iii work phone for all my android needs and stick to a community port06:12
entilI did attempt to get the aosp thing built for xperia 10iv and it got weird, like having to use android 12 for the base but the repos got completely messed up, but iirc it hinged on the sw binaries not being available for android 11, so after a day of downloading git repos, it just failed06:33
poetasterMiikasd, these builds also do auomatic releases: based on coderus docker07:13
poetasterMiikasd, they use a push of a tag starting with v to do an actual release.07:14
egentil: So, in your knowledge, there are no issues with Android support in Xperia 10 III? Or did I misunderstand something (which is surely possible)? I understand this is a broad question, but in my Xperia 10 the Android support wouldn't start at all during the last couple of weeks or so, and before that it started in rare cases.15:08
malhave you provided logs of that failure?15:10
egNo I haven't, and the device is in pieces now.15:11
egSo, this is the point where I'm hesitant of buying a new licence and installing Sailfish to my Xperia III.15:12
egAnyway, the failure was permanent in my Xperia 10. Now the question is only whether to trust the Android support has no (at least major) issues in Xperia 10 III.15:16
malI doubt the failure was permanent, it should have been possible to fix it, there have been some cases people have issues with app support but afaik those have usually been solved15:26
eg...I wish I knew these issues could be solved, AND also how they could be solved. :/ I tried to seach the internet about these issues, but got frustrated, because there were people complaining about these issues but nothing to fix them.15:33
egAlso, I need things to go nice and smooth. Install the operating system and start using it. No issues. I'm not the person who could or would spend his time under the hood debugging or fixing things.15:34
maldid you ask on forums for help?15:34
malor even search there?15:34
egI searched the forums. :)15:34

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