Saturday, 2023-11-18

Ew0Hi there08:49
Ew0Just wanted to ask, is there a way to force 4g/disable 3g on Sailfish rather than prefer 3g/4g? When I enable the wifi hotspot it switches to 3.5g even though my 4g signal is perfectly fine - it's very disconcerting. Thanks08:50
direc85[m]My X10III stays on 4G when I have hotspot enabled. What device do you have?08:57
direc85[m]There was a patch or a utility to select 4G only, try searching OpenRepos...08:58
Ew0direc85[m]: 10 III too, I don't know why it keeps switching but there seems to be a reproducable problem of it as shown here:
Ew0Oh yay I found it! been searching for this for ages :)09:05
Ew0It says it's not compatible though?09:05
Ew0'No packages available'. Is it for 32 bit?09:06
Ew0It just randomly switches, I reboot or put it into airplane mode and it switches back to 4g... it's an odd one09:08
*** rdr_ is now known as rdr09:15
Ew0direc85[m]: it seems this patch isn't around any more? it's outdated too:
Ew0Also this (but hasn't been updated since 2014):

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