Monday, 2023-11-27

Mister_Magisterletsgo jolla will live (for now)14:05
ExTechOpDunno if this was already here: (Finnish: Jolla sheds its Russian owners, former corporate lead buys company)14:18
pherjung[m]thanks ExTechOp for the link!14:27
askolsamIndeed. Thanks.14:30
Mister_Magisteroh ye context14:39
*** rainemak__ is now known as rainemak20:22
direc85[m]Thank you!21:04
direc85[m]Oh wow, I didn't know what to expect but I didn't expect that21:07
piggzevening rainemak21:34
direc85[m]I hope it's the best thing that could have happened and Sailfish OS keeps getting better and better!21:40
piggzdirec85[m]: im fuzzy on the details, but i assume its good news .... there is a new owner, out of russia, and that new owner happens to also own zippe, but that doesnt mean zippie own jolla ... something like that?21:45
pherjung[m]isn't the new owner one of the founder of Jolla?22:15
piggzyes,  Antti Saarnio  right?22:19
piggzchairman of New Jolla, ceo of Airimpact, CEO of lohko, ceo zippie, and founder of myplanet22:20
piggzthats some portfolia22:20
pherjung[m]Is there a way to open linkedin links without any account?22:21
piggzi can screenshot...22:22
pherjung[m]I'm not a big fan of crypto & cie. Hope it won't appears too soon on Sailfish22:26

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