Tuesday, 2023-11-28

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malpoetaster: hi, are you around?08:59
poetastermal, yes.09:10
poetasterjust noted that ffmpeg won't build with --enable-libharfbuzz investigating.09:10
malpoetaster: 6.1 introduced the harfbuzz option09:11
malwe still have 5.1.x09:11
poetastermal, ah, nice to know the ffmpeg docs are uptodate. sigh.09:13
poetastermal, but isn't harfbuzz still required for drawtext?09:14
poetasterok. back I go! Thanks!09:15
malpoetaster: looking at that it working without it and harfbuzz is used to improve some things in it09:15
poetastermal, yes, it shouldn't be necessary for my use cases. If subpixel alignment stuff is required, it's probably not a job for the phone.09:16
malpoetaster: check the other options related to that to see if anything else is useful09:16
malfribidi does something with drawtext also, no idea what09:17
poetastermal, I'd missed libfontconfig the first time, which I've added now. for font fallbacks. fribidi allows you to reshape fonts, I think.09:17
malwe can enable harfbuzz once we update ffmpeg, I will probably have a look at that at somepoint, biggest annoyance is patching gecko to support new ffmpeg, usually just backporting but still09:20
poetasterah, I'd imagine gecko would be a pita.09:25
poetastermal, I'll drop the old PR and make a new one after getting a compile, or? Cleaner?09:26
malpoetaster: you can just force push09:26
malno need to make a new PR09:26
poetasterI did. Ok.09:26
malpoetaster: did you mess up something, it still has the harfbuzz in the PR?09:28
poetasterah, reset head and now I think I need a new pr.09:28
malpoetaster: no need09:28
malyou can pick the changes from git reflog09:28
poetasterI'm not sure how that works in the case where I've already force pushd ?09:29
poetastersorry, I think I did something else. odd.09:30
malnot sure what the problem is09:31
poetasterhe. well, it would help if I actually commit the change before getting all ...09:32
poetasterthere now. I'll test on obs.09:33
malI wonder if we should have --enable-libfontconfig if we have that as dependency?09:33
malprobably will be automatically detected though09:33
poetasteryeah, but, you're right. It doesn't hurt to do it explicitly.09:33
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malpoetaster: thanks for fixing the PR, this was a good reminder to do test builds :)09:51
poetasterheh :) thanks for looking at it!09:52
poetastermal, shouldn't be a biggy, but, I have in the generic Meta on obs.09:54
malI built that in devel already :)09:55
poetastervery good. I'm going to test on device and see if I have subtitles & text overlays ...09:56
malI'll wait for that test before merging10:01
poetastermal. Works! I have subtitles and generic text overlays.10:06
poetastermal, and found the next bug ;-(10:09
malwhat is it?10:09
poetastermal, in videoworks, burn in method. Quick fix. Not ffmpeg.10:10
poetastermal, it's just the parameter passing.10:10
poetastermal, I recently pushd lame 3.100 to chum. do you think we could include --enable-libmp3lame for ffmpeg? I don't really have a need for it, but people still ask.14:42
malit there some benefit from that?14:43
mallooks like mp3 encoding?14:44
poetasteryes. lame, works, but not in the sailjail context.15:31
poetastermal, I'm trying to keep as close to the norm while still using ffmpeg.15:32
poetastermal, I'm looking at moving video/audioworks to pyav https://github.com/PyAV-Org/PyAV18:00

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