Monday, 2023-12-04

henkI chose to "link" a number from my phone history to an existing entry. I actually just wanted to add that number to that contact but those seem to be different things. is there any explanation what the differences are? now everytime I go to "edit" that contact, it asks me which entry of the two I actually want to edit and I don’t find a way to delete that "linked contact". can09:54
henkanyone advise?09:54
direc85[m]AFAIK the two contacts still exists behind the scenes, but the OS, for most intents and purposes, shows their data combined to as one contact.10:09
direc85[m]Sometimes it guesses correct, sometimes it doesn't. I had an interesting thing where a father and son had very similar names and the OS just decided to merge the contacts.10:10
Ketoin the contact pulley menu -> link, you can also unlink the entries, and then you should be able to delete the unwanted entry10:15
henkKeto: that worked, thank you10:20
henkis there any way to see all "links"?10:20
henkI want to clean those up …10:20
Ketoprobably not from the UI10:25
direc85[m]Is there an indicator that a contact has linked contacts to it?10:26
henkhm, where are the contacts saved?10:49
henkdirec85[m]: I don’t see one10:49
b100dian[m]Do you know how to bypass this error "have choice for needed by nemo-qml-plugin-filemanager: libKF5Archive5 libkf5archive" in chum ?10:50
b100dian[m] I would normally add a Prefer: libkf5archive in Project Config but this is global to all chum packages10:50
henkweird. I created a contact named "Link Test" with a phone number containing 099 but searching that contacts.db file with sqlitebrowser finds neither …10:57
nephrosb100dian[m]: Does "Ignore: <one of them>" work?12:13
b100dian[m]nephros:  Probably, but I cannot add a project config line for the whole chum repo :-/12:17
nephrosb100dian[m]: ah oh yes I see.12:19
b100dian[m]Wait, this means that also the %ziprelease that we have in project config wouldn't work :D12:19
b100dian[m]rinigusor piggz - by chance we can add a first subproject in chum? I don't see any today12:21
piggzwdym subproject?12:26
b100dian[m]piggz: alternatively if you have already experience with an app having the above libkf5archive vs libkf5archive5 conflict12:27
piggzwe can set a Prefer:12:28
b100dian[m]yes, but wouldn't that impact other packages?12:31
piggzit would .. but we should probably prefer the jolla version in all cases anywya?12:32
nephrosPrefer can be done per-package: "Prefer: harbour-hydrogen:libkf5archive" or so12:33
piggzand i should improve the package of the other version to obsolete the jolla one or such12:33
Ketothe preference can also be set like: Prefer: a-package:prefered-package12:35
Ketoto apply it only when building the a-package12:36
piggzits building now12:37
piggzquite an obvious fix, becuase the package that wanted kf5archive was nemo-qml-plugin-filemanager, then that would always want the jolla version12:37
b100dian[m]Thanks - hopefully it fails because of missing %ziprelease which I had in the project config12:38
b100dian[m]I'll probably move that define to the spec file and re-submit12:40
nephrosb100dian[m]: Why resubmit? you are owner of the package in chum:testing, you can just edit the spec there.12:48
b100dian[m]Of course, you're right13:15
direc85[m]Does chum offer download statistics by the way?13:30
piggzno, i dont think OBS has any metrics .... Keto?13:35
Ketono it doesn't. and the published repos are served by a separate webserver, so OBS does not know what happens there13:39
attahI'm sure the bug report exists, but i cannot find it... First touch event being ignored, especially on the app drawer, and at least on parts of screen on the III, possibly all longphones - does that ring a bell to anyone?17:39
attahI think i figured out where the missing touch events are going anyway... to the top menu17:40
malattah: can you explain what you mean?17:40
attah(despite it not being pulled out)17:40
attahFirst touch event after "putting an app away" is pretty much always ignored17:41
attahOr first touch event in the app drawer anyway17:42
attahSpecifically i have to press twice to launch something17:42
attahNeed to step away for a a bit... back in 10 or so17:44
malattah: how do you put the app away, trying to reproduce that but haven't been able yet17:59
attahmal: me neither... i have a pretty much 100% success (failure) rate when using the phone in bed. I'll try to get better instructions18:01
attahOkay; in landscape - swipe from the bottom of the phone (right hand side in landscape), putting away the app18:04
attahthen, still in landscape, bring up app drawer. Try an app to the far right18:04
attahProbaby needs to be an app that has landscape to start with; and far right is "bottom" ~2 rows of the app page18:06
pherjung[m]I probably wrote the bug report18:08
attahThere we go:
attahand indeed landscape not needed18:12
attahIt is almost as if it affects the bottom (21-16): portion of the screen18:15
malattah: pherjung[m]: so only the bottom row of app grid is misbehaving18:24
malvery peculiar18:25
pherjung[m]You can't reproduce it?18:25
malI can18:25
maljust wondering how that can happen18:25
attahFor me it is bottom 2-and-a-bit rows18:25
pherjung[m]It depends, but for sure the first row (from the bottom) always call the top menu18:26
malonly bottom row on a full grid for me18:26
malattah: which device?18:26
attah10 III18:26
pherjung[m]the same18:26
maldoesn't happen on my fp2, need to test some other devices also18:27
pherjung[m]but as I wrote on the bug report, X10 II is impacted too18:27
attahmal: I think that it is a longphone thing18:28
malverifying with couple of devices18:28
pherjung[m]should I test with a XA2 or a Jolla?18:28
malI have xa2 also on my test list18:28
maldoesn't happen on xa218:28
pherjung[m]mal: try again but at the bottom18:30
pherjung[m]I'm able to reproduce, but not always18:31
malyeah, happens on bottom half of the last row18:31
pherjung[m]on your xa2 too?18:32
malnot very easy to make it happen there18:33
pherjung[m]I could hardly reproduce on my X18:33
malonly small part has the issue18:33
pherjung[m]Jolla phone is impacted too18:34
malI haven't been able to reproduce on x1018:35
pherjung[m]In my opinion, the bug is present too18:36
attahCan reproduce on PPP18:37
pherjung[m]should I try on the jolla tablet?18:38
piggzso, you guys got hydrogen building in chum:testing ... does it work?19:15
piggz_submitting to main?19:24
pherjung[m]I don't know what Vlagged's plan is.19:25
direc85[m]<attah> "There we go: https://forum...." <- Confirming on X10III. I can test X10II too, that's a giraffe form factor phone too.19:25
attahdirec85[m]: seems it was a 10 II bug report initially... so presumably it still does it19:27
attahBut as we found sinne, 16:9 ones are affected too, just probably a bit less19:27
piggz_i wonder in NewJolla has a New Attitude toward Qt licensing :D19:28
attahThat would be cool indeed...19:29
malinteresting that x10 didn't have that issue, at least after many attempts I wasn't able to reproduce it19:31
attahYes, very odd... and it's not like word-width should have effects that high up into the ui really19:33
pherjung[m]b100dian[m]: yes, I do20:18
direc85[m]<attah> "direc85: seems it was a 10 II..." <- It does, yes.20:30
direc85[m]Xperia X does it, as does XA220:32
direc85[m]Firing up Jolla next ;)20:32
pherjung[m]direc85[m]: I tested too20:34
direc85[m]Jolla phone does it too20:34
direc85[m]Doesn't seem to be aspect ratio dependent, then20:34
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