Tuesday, 2023-12-05

nephrosThe (opt-qt5)-QtWebengine package in Chum: that's not compiled on OBS, right?08:03
nephrosIt's done with the custom build engine?08:03
nephrosnvm, found the README :)08:34
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piggz_wonder when i should start tryingt o build qt6 in chum :D10:12
nephrospiggz_: I guess after getting gcc9/10/11 to run on the OBS builder ;)11:43
piggz_nephros: well, next version of sfos will have clang-14, which should help12:32
hnjany advice how to find "links" or "linked contacts" in the contact db? I find no obvious indicator in the people app itself, nor in the sqlite db I found on disc. I think the former might not have one and I probably don’t know what to look for in the latter …16:02
pherjung[m]hnj: you may find some hints on this tutorial https://www.ncartron.org/moving-a-contact-in-another-addressbook-on-sailfish-os.html16:06
Ketomaybe like this in the bd: SELECT * FROM Names WHERE contactId IN (SELECT firstId FROM Relationships GROUP BY firstId HAVING count(secondId) > 1);16:55
poetasterKeto, belongs to the small group which actually uses subselects properly. And HAVING.19:37
hnjpherjung[m]: it made me look more closely at the files, thanks19:44
hnjI think I found the issue why I’m not seeing the test contact with a link in the db file I’m looking at: it was last modified in october. there is a -wal and a -shm file, though, that have been modified yesterday. it’s likely in the wal but I’m only starting to look into that.19:46
hnjyeah, with the -wal file, it’s there19:56
attahpoetaster: You like python and gadgets, right? https://github.com/leswright1977/PyThermalCamera20:03
b100dian[m]piggz: the same Prefer: is needed for chum (not testing)20:34
malb100dian[m]: added20:52
attahHmmm.. wonder if i should be building opencv and re-doing it in C++/Qt... or if i can perhaps tape the pip opencv to to pyotherside with some sdl221:12
malattah: I have some reasonably new opencv somewhere, probably should be updated though21:20
attahvery cool!21:20
attahI can faff with updating, just a decent spec to build on is plenty help for me21:21
malattah: well it's 4.5.3 but still probably usable21:22
attahMost likely... seems it is very basic usage that i need21:23
poetasterattah, thanks! neat.21:49

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