Wednesday, 2023-12-06

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hnjdoes anyone know where the format of the contacts.db is documented?10:26
nephroshnj: I don't think its documented anywhere, but you can find snippets of SQL commands and similar sprinkled around FSO and TJC posts.10:34
patoll[m]hnj: some info at
hnjnephros: huh, ok, weird. thanks10:36
hnjpatoll[m]: thanks but that’s just the location10:36
hnjI already found that. I’m just trying to figure out how "linked contacts" are saved in that db …10:36
attahpoetaster: For completeness... i have one and now i think it's pretty settled that i'm making an app17:07
attah(unless you beat me to it)17:07
piggz[m]keto: mal: obs out of disk space?18:03
malpiggz[m]: which project shows that?18:20
malok, hopefully Keto notices the message, it's independence day here in finland so people might not be very active on irc :)18:26
piggz[m]last independence before russia takes over again? :D18:31
Ketopiggz[m]: how big is that vendor.img gunzipped?18:37
malhmm, good question, would that need big worker18:40
piggz[m]im just downloading it to check!18:41
Ketobased on this it has taken over 4G
Ketoso needs _constraints with 6G disk, as that does not fit on the smaller workers with only 4G disk space18:43
malpiggz[m]: do you remember how the file looks like? or should I add it18:43
piggz[m]i have one here18:44
piggz[m]mel: keto: is 984mb18:45
Ketothat + the original gz + the rpm + the src.rpm + all the basic stuff... it adds up18:52
piggz[m]thx, it worked18:54
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attahStep 1:
poetasterattah, cool!22:51

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