Thursday, 2023-12-07

MiikasdWhats up with the QA in harbour? I submitted update 2 weeks ago and it hasn't yet been checked06:56
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poetasterMiikasd, I Have three apps in the queue. one since 17 days, one since 9 and last six days ago.08:31
MiikasdPoetaster: Can you see Skruuvi in the queue? It says for me that the status is QA and notifications shows that it has been submitted 14 days ago08:32
KetoSorry about that. We'll try to get the Harbour queue moving soon, now that the other stuff has been sorted out08:33
MiikasdOk, thanks :) I can imagine you've had a lot going on for the last few weeks08:33
poetasterMiikasd, I, for good reason, only see 'my' queue :)08:34
poetasterKeto, it'd be great. Two somewhat emberrasing regression bugs on my end. Sigh.08:35
Miikasdpoetaster: :D I thought you were in the QA team08:35
MiikasdI blame it on the covid, shouldn't do anything what requires thinking today08:35
poetasterMiikasd, I deserve a long stint on the QA team for my regressions :)08:36
Ketob100dian[m]: the download_files obs source service is now installed09:08
b100dian[m]Keto: that was real quick. Testing as soon as possible09:10
Ketojust add <service name="download_files"/> in the _service, and URL in the spec Source:, and it should work09:16
Ketoalso note that it uses a cache by hashing the URL and checking if it already has downloaded that URL09:23
b100dian[m]Keto: Would it work with %defines? I don't see any curl/download output (other than the branch name being download_files) in the build log of
KetoI think it should work. it does run the spec through the parser...09:48
b100dian[m]Maybe it doesn't like zip09:49
Ketob100dian[m]: the download_files service needs to be after tar_git in <services>, as the spec file comes from tar_git09:49
b100dian[m]That was it!09:52
malnephros: in general latest versions are preferred unless there is some big api breakage which causes huge amount of fixing, in such cases it needs to be checked how easily things can be fixed12:59
attahpiggz[m]: Do you happen do have some wisdom to share regarding correlating USB ids and camera device names?20:58
piggz[m]erm no i dont think so... is it not just a uvc camera?21:15
attahHow would i know?21:16
attahI came up with this monstrosity:
attahShowing up as a camera type device i guess makes it UVC? Where would i go from there to arrive at /dev/videoX ?21:19
attahHmmm.. and perhaps this is only part of what i actually need. Seems i actually ended up testing for a fairly generic camera controller.21:22
piggz[m]im not sure how these things work, but id expect any supported usb camera to just work (tm)21:37

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