Friday, 2023-12-08

poetasterattah, for general camera stuff that includes the the whole universe of v4L and so on, Karry is the guy.
attahGood to know :)17:57
attahI wonder if opencv is overdoing it a bit17:58
poetasterattah, and in my boring dayjob life I actually snuck in some erlang (via gleam)17:58
poetasterOpencv is like, track this bouncing basket ball until it passes through the hoop level of overdoing it :)17:58
attahbut then again... making it available could benefit others17:59
attahVery nice!17:59
poetasterattah, fun. you can mix quite freely between erlang and the 'bare' subset 'dialect' that is gleam. It's a nice framework, to build web app thingys.18:00
poetasterattah, someone with opencv experience would surely be good to have around, I just don't know who often it's called for.18:01
attahThe thing is that the current level of usage is all i need18:03
attahSo i won't be developing experience really18:03
poetasterattah, you mean in the sense of what you've implemented in the cpp-thermalcam app?18:04
poetasterok, what was your goal?18:04
attahMaybe not 100%... i could add recording, and i need to decide what side puts in the labels18:04
attahJust make an app for that thermal camera18:05
attahI want to be able to use it18:05
poetasterattah, ok. opencv sounds like canons at a canary :) But if it already works, who care!18:05
attahI don't immediately know if something in-between18:06
poetasterI mean, it's a luxury problem. I choose those to relax: I built this last week
poetasterotherwise I'm dealing with project (cough, puke) management issues on TOP. So, opencv it is ;)18:08
attahThat does look relaxing indeed18:08
poetasterIt is a nice kit. A pleasure to read the BOM and spec. Fun to solder. Fun to play. Best 100 euro I've spend in I dunno. But I like musical toys a lot.18:09
poetasterattah, did you ever play with any of the other beam based languages? I really didn't like elixir but I do quite like gleam.18:10
attahJust a bit of elixir18:10
attahAgree... too much syntax18:11
poetasterattah, sort of is a ruby clone on acid.18:11
attahSome nice things solved; declarative api functions for gen_statem/server18:11
poetasterI have to get through: first :)18:12
poetasterWhich I can't do until I've reviewed gen_fsm ... bloody hell.18:13
attahOfficial up-to-date:
attahno, stay away from fsm18:13
attahstatem replaces both fsm and plain_statem18:14
poetasterI know, I know. I just like reading stuff about finite state machines ;)18:14
attahehh, plain_fsm18:14
poetasterthis is a very evil page:
poetasterjust formatting, but ....18:15
attahIt's some 3pp site that doesn't use the proper layout it seems18:15
poetasteroh, yeah, right you are.18:15
attahMight be better in some way... but surely not enough that it warrants using a 6 versions old one18:16
poetasterI have a mix of versions that I finally need to sort out. One reason I like gleam is that it runs from 19up :)18:17
poetaster that's MUCH better. Sorry of the noise to signal ration.18:17
attahyou can blame me for push/pop callback module18:19 we have an infinite state machine18:19
poetasteraka. the carousel.18:21
piggz[m]attah/poetester ive always fancied adding opencv to advanced-cam18:43
piggz[m]simple face detections with focus on that square18:43
attahLet's make it happen then :)18:44
attahmal had a working packaging, so can't be so far away18:44
poetasterpiggz[m], ok, so classic use case for opencv. I haven't done that stuff for 15 years. I. am. getting. to. be. old.18:47
piggz[m]poetaster:  you have x23?18:48
poetaster  piggz[m] nah, sent it back. rephone daily.18:48
piggz[m]is that a v22?18:49
poetasterYes. 6GB ram, 128GB, etc.18:50
poetasterworks well. nice port :)18:50
poetasteroh, there's a bit of opencv activity on obs.18:52
poetasteroff to play some music. evening!18:54
malattah: what?19:07
attahmal: you packaged opencv, and i'm happy about it19:08
malok :)19:08
malpiggz[m]: gst-droid should support face detection using android side, it's not enabled by default19:09
malI haven't really tested it though19:09

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