Thursday, 2023-12-14

piggz[m]@attah does your phone support webcams yet?07:44
poetasterpiggz[m], doesn't any phone with  USB OTG dongle work? it's supported by harbour-timelapse-tools, etc.08:35
piggz[m]poetaster: i think it depends if your device had usb uvc support ... not sure if xperias do09:25
poetasterpiggz[m], It looks like it works. attah has at least used it for usb storage.10:29
direc85[m]I have used an USB-A/C combo USB stick with my Xperia 10 III fwiw10:33
direc85[m]Hmm, I'll make a backup now 😅10:34
poetasterheh :)10:34
direc85[m]TIL SFOS can open zip files :o10:36
attahpiggz[m]: hmmm... I didn't think we had any updates since... but given how the thermal camera could work, i might have been mistaken before16:51
attahIf i could just find the camera...16:51
attahHah! Reverse-jinxed it. Found it immediately after complaining16:53
attahpinhole segfaults still... :(16:55
attahAlso ERROR V4L2 v4l2_videodevice.cpp:587 /dev/video2[12:cap]: V4L2 API v4.19.255 too old, v5.0.0 or later is required16:56
attahAnd i'm still confused what is advanced-camera, pinhole, and shutter it seems16:58
piggz[m]advanced cam uses droidmedia, shutter uses libcamera16:59
attahrecommended installation source?16:59
piggz[m]i think16:59
attahregular or testing?16:59
piggz[m]lemme check16:59
attahI switched to testing... and now the gui keeps crashing :)17:00
piggz[m]lovely :)17:02
attahrr'd testing and now it is back to working17:07
attahsadly no shutter17:07
piggz[m]try that version17:22
attahnothing provides ''17:24
attah(and i don't see it in the same repo)17:24
piggz[m]i think thats in native-common....17:26
attahSame mismatched V4L2 api version, followed by segfault to the old pinhole install i had from way back when17:30
attahSo i'm out of luck?17:30
piggz[m]sounds like too old kernel?17:30
* attah dusts off ppp17:33
attahIt still doesn't boot right, and that nonsense about source code for the bootloader/-manager didn't exactly instill confidence17:34
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piggz[m]attah: you want to use my factory flasher for the ppp?19:35
attahIf you think that will help - yes please!19:36
piggzattah: flash to sdcard, boot of sdcard, follow menu to "flash all"19:39
piggzbeen tested by several ppl19:40
attahhmm... getting an error on extraction19:47
attahDoes it extract fine for you? I have sh256sum ad0c5ce8ee5e6ee2c936eb3722824cd20d774d8216405d7022a55d27914934ff19:51
piggz[m]attah: hang on...19:59
attah@piggz: I wonder if i have defective unit or something. First boot was fine, opted to not encrypt, and not getting back up and running20:26
attahAnd i hit graphical uboot at every boot now... is that how it's supposed to be?20:27
attahBattery out and now sfos boots at least20:27
piggz[m]Shutter works with opencv and face detection on ppp21:13
attahMy thermal app doesn't... so need to check on that21:14
attahand now you double-confirmed it is in my parts21:14
piggz[m]So, you are sonewhat running now21:15
attahI think it's better now, yes21:16
attahstill don't understand how to just get a normal boot21:17
attahThanks for putting up with my endless issues21:18

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