Friday, 2023-12-15

direc85[m]I'd like to fix a bug in Sailfish SDK installer, but I couldn't find the correct repository for it earlier. Could someone point me to it? Thanks...09:16
ViGedirec85[m]: What kind of bug?12:01
ViGeThe installer repo itself is not public12:01
direc85[m]If the project folder ends in a slash, things will break. Solution is to afterwards change it to something else, and back to correct path without the trailing slash.12:03
ViGewhat do you mean by "project folder"? The SDK installation folder or the workspace folder?12:04
direc85[m]Workspace folder.12:04
direc85[m]Bad wording by me, rephrasing: If the workspace folder field in the setup wizard has a trailing slash, things will break.12:05
direc85[m]It is in the forums actualy, one moment please.12:06
ViGeI wonder what martyone had in mind for that. It should be quite easy to fix in the installer.12:11
direc85[m]TBF, I haven't tested that with the current version. I could do that next week.12:12
nephrosIs there a package containing QSerialPort/QIODevice somewhere?12:12
ViGedirec85[m]: I suppose I could test it right away, assuming it's reproducable by just adding trailing slash to the path and then trying `sfdk build-shell`12:14
ViGedirec85[m]: Assuming it's reproducible, do you mind if I move your post to bug reports category? We could then handle it like other bug reports.12:15
ViGeyeah, it's reproducible all right12:21
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piggz[m]nephros: qtserialport could be added to chum with the other qt packages there...its a seperate package/project18:04
piggz[m]pretty sure the opencv face classifier is biased against wearers of glasses :D19:29
direc85[m]<ViGe> "direc85: Assuming it's reproduci..." <- ViGe: I moved the post. Thanks for testing.22:21

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