Monday, 2023-12-18

ViGedirec85[m]: I already opened a PR for the fix, so it should be fixed in the next release07:08
piggzmal: attah: this is where that access-denied comes from i think
piggz[m]altering that code does infact let the device be unlocked via dbus12:16
piggz[m]need to have a think :)12:16
*** Sellerie2 is now known as Sellerie13:07
attahgood to know :)17:00
piggz[m]attah: i now have a program which listend for screen-on, then auto-unlocks the phone19:30
attahcool! with or without patching lipstick?19:31
piggz[m]with a patched nemo-device-plugin-devicelock19:32
attahit's a start!19:32
attahI'm wasting time on a serverless Spotify intro-quiz webapp19:33

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