Tuesday, 2023-12-19

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piggz[m]its a terrible idea, but im def using it on my phone :D https://github.com/piggz/nemo-qml-plugin-devicelock/commit/ec876e2598c66ce9b930c8b3cc1eae7b6235209d14:25
direc85[m]oh wow :D14:34
piggz[m]tryingt o figure why it works on one phone and not the other!14:39
x2s.oO( disable the AI on that one phone that thinks it's a bad idea ;)14:41
direc85[m]I'm just throwing spaghetti here... Could you make it a little less terrible idea by wiring it up to check a certain Sailjail rule?14:53
piggz[m]my better idea would be have the user supply the unlock code to the smart-unlock daemon, and add a dbus method that unlocks via a code...15:00
piggz[m]to get it to work on my volla requires a a different method though, as thats running a different daemon15:01
piggz[m]so ... it works on my Volla after swapping out sailfish-devicelock-fpd for nemoi-devicelock-deamon-cli....16:38
piggz[m]i checked sailfish-devicelock-fpd and it links to the same library ... but its not getting as far as the modified code...16:39
piggz[m]i wonder if there is some additional check in the closed part16:39
direc85[m]I ran into this with `gdb`: https://gcc.gnu.org/git/?p=gcc.git&a=commit;h=8dc213622a65e4a921ed4757873a3cdf2a18ec5a17:53
direc85[m](Not worth making a PR since this was fixed almost five years ago, so it should be in the upcoming GCC update)17:54

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