Wednesday, 2023-12-20

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NicoInteresting read about someone using the android app support on a different OS: :314:09
direc85[m]Interesting indeed!15:28
malpoetaster: about the ffmpeg issue, 4.5.0 got ffmpeg 5.0 so maybe something is different in that, need to check, any changes were not intentional18:51
malpoetaster: I had no issues using "ffmpeg -f image2pipe -c:v mjpeg" to encode19:07
poetastermal, hmm. maybe it's something else. on 4.4 it was:[ "ffmpeg", "-hide_banner", "-y", "-framerate", fps, "-pattern_type", "glob", "-i", tempMediaFolderPath+'/*.jpg',"-c:v", "mjpeg", "-preset", "veryfast", "-r", "10", "-pix_fmt", "yuv420p", outputPathPy ], shell = False )21:40
poetasterin any case, it works without mjpeg as codec. I'll try some variants tomorrow. thanks for looking!21:42

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