Thursday, 2023-12-21

nephrospoetaster: in case it can be of any help, I have some (older) custom ffmpeg buids here:
direc85[m]There isn't a way to pick a .spec file from rpm/ with sfdk build if there are multiple files there, right?09:26
ViGedirec85[m]: There is. Have a look at `sfdk --help-building`, search for "specfile"09:33
direc85[m]ViGe: Thanks, will have a look!09:33
ViGealthough my go-to approach is to just remove the specfiles I don't need :-D09:34
direc85[m]Oh it's a config option, not a parameter. It works, thanks!09:39
direc85[m]One another personal issue: If I'm running fish shell and do sfdk build -p I get "the terminal is not fully functional", so I have to run sfdk from bash. Now it patched the sources successfully and the build is on the way!09:40
direc85[m](Is it TERM that does it..?)09:40
direc85[m]Compiling LLVM 14 first :)09:46
direc85[m](Yes: running TERM=xterm-256color sfdk build -p works)09:54
direc85[m]Is that a bug? Should sfdk not pass TERM value, since it always runs BusyBox ash internally? (Right..?)09:56
ViGedirec85[m]: TERM is about the terminal (emulator), not about shell10:29
direc85[m]Oh, right.10:36
direc85[m]Using kitty does it :)10:37
piggz[m]direc85: llvm is here with lld10:39
direc85[m]Okay, wow. It worked out!12:37
direc85[m]I just sent a message from my Jolla Phone (SFOS 3.4 mind you), with Whisperfish, which was compiled using the existing Rust 1.72.1 packages Ruben De Smet had compiled, plus the stub Rust packages I just compiled with the instructions rainemak provided in the forum post.12:39
direc85[m]I made the dumb mistake of being on the wrong branch when compiling Whisperfish... I still have to compile rust-std-static packages for armv7 and aarch64.15:45
malpoetaster: what was the fix for the ffmpeg issue? was it something in ffmpeg side or in your app?17:32
poetastermal, it was resolved by removing: "-c:v", "mjpeg17:34
malbut why does it work from terminal?17:35
poetastermal, I am not certain. could be that the command -> run_ffmpeg_command(cmd: "list[str]") -> Iterator[int]:17:37
poetastermal, is mangling. but it didn't look like it.17:37
direc85[m]Anyone here with Rust compilation experience? I can get compiling Rust 1.72 started but it immediately hangs at this:... (full message at <>)17:48
direc85[m]No activity whatsoever...17:48
maldirec85[m]: hi, about rust 1.72, I did try to build it on obs but had some issues on arm and aarch64 builds, not sure why, the rust-cbindgen builds failed with that, could you test those locally to if those work?17:52
direc85[m]Sure, if I only got the compiling started first... :)17:53
direc85[m]I messaged with mal privately for a bit to keep the noise down -- this is where I'm at currently:
nephrosAnyone else get "no space left on device" errors with OBS?20:34
malnephros: which project?20:39
malnephros: aren't those failing because of dependency issue?20:48
nephrosyes but uploading a new version of a spec file with osc gets a http 500 error20:49
nephrosSending    opt-qt5-qtserialport.spec20:50
nephrosServer returned an error: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error20:50
nephrossyswrite: No space left on device20:50
malI pinged the maintainer20:57
piggzKeto: mal: Services couldn't be triggered: /srv/obs/sources/:upload/addmeta22932 write: No space left on device22:25
piggz[m]trying to trigger a rebuild on ppp kernel22:26

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