Friday, 2023-12-22

direc85[m]I managed to re-build Ruat 1.72.1 yesterday to produce rust-std-static-[armv7hl|aarch64] packages which were missing when Ruben built Rust a good while back.08:28
direc85[m]But building the packages itself gets stuck (at python3 xxx), both on sfdk and sfossfk, amd Ruben hinted me to build it in the Platform SDK shell instead. That finally worked, and compiling Whisperfish for all three arches finally starts*!08:32
direc85[m]There's just one more hiccup I can't figure out: cargo build doesn't obey SB2_RUST_TARGET_TRIPLE, but always targets i686 and links with i686 linker. It also doesn't work with --target nor .cargo/config.toml [build] configuration - it always emits the i686 target and linker for rustc.08:38
direc85[m]I'll document the Rust building process for others today, since it is a thing and a half to get going. I will also look at the emitted linker and target problem, but so far I haven't found any good leads. Any help is appreciated.08:44
direc85[m]I'll throw a comment om the pull request too. I'll also try if Rust 1.61(?) behaves the sa.e way.08:44
rubdos[m]61 should be fine, since mal tested that to the brims already. I'll try to get 1.75 patched out before NY.09:26
Ketopiggz[m]: there is now a bit of space, I'll try to free up more later10:08
piggz[m]Keto: thx :)10:19
direc85[m]Here's my RPM packages for a fresh Rust 1.72.1 build if anyone wants to have a poke at it:

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