Monday, 2024-01-01

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rinigusKeto and mal: OBS looks to be running out of disk space. I am getting " phost18 ran out of disk space. Please try again." and the build loops again. Ref:
rinigusThis package (its updated version) hits OOM error when building it with parallel builds (default). So, had to set it to -j116:46
Ketorinigus: you probably need to add _constraints file17:31
Ketorinigus: like this for example17:36
Ketothe normal worker instances have 4G disk and mem, and then there is couple of bigger ones with 16G mem and 20G disk17:40
rinigusKeto: thank you very much, will try17:45
rinigusKeto: constraints helped me out - thank you very much!18:09
piggz[m]i wonder if sfos is getting card payments?

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