Tuesday, 2024-01-02

piggzViGe: strange ... my watch is showing 8/9 degrees, which is about right.....15:14
ViGepiggz: the application UI (i.e. settings->weather) shows correct temperature, so it seems to be an issue between the phone and the watch. I hope I have time to debug it tomorrow.15:25
piggzViGe: which watch do you have?15:26
piggzViGe: there was this commit, and there is def some hairy castsing going on in this code https://github.com/piggz/harbour-amazfish/commit/9ffd6c0fee5657b3f9417786d49a23685d32561e15:34
ViGepiggz: Bip15:35
piggzViGe: there is a qdebug that prints the temp, that would be useful from the daemon15:36
poetasterpiggz, I think hairy is generous. But, I live in a glass house and fear flying stones.15:37
poetasterpiggz, well, I guess it could be considered a plus to have temp in kelvin. What was kelvin to Fahrenheit, again?15:42
piggzpoetaster: SI units only :D15:43
poetasterpiggz, right you are. I grew up buying bolts in TWO imperial systems.15:43
poetasterFahrenheit would be K - 273.15 + 32, or?15:44
ViGepiggz: that qDebug is not really useful as it prints the temp as char. I believe it's 0 at that point, and it's definitely 0 later: Writing chunked:  "\x02P.\x94""e\x00\x00\x00""clear sky\x00"15:49
piggzvige: useful to know its 0 at that point...15:50
ViGepiggz: Yes, it would be useful if I knew for a 100% fact. But curretly the qDebug() only prints the time stamp there - both the temp and condition are some invisible characters. Most likely both are zeroes but could be also e.g. spaces...15:51
piggzah ok...15:52
piggzViGe: can you find this debug? https://github.com/piggz/harbour-amazfish/blob/master/lib/src/weather/currentweather.cpp#L19015:54
ViGeForecast on  1704218400 QDate("2024-01-02") QTime("20:00:00.000") 252 252 "clear sky" 800 Hour: 2015:58
ViGeThat looks about right, as 252 - 273.15 = -21.1515:59
piggzViGe: i should clean up that code ... casting a negative float is def entering undefined areas16:46
piggzdepends on whether char is signed or not on the architecture16:46
ViGepiggz: Yeah. You can easily see by setting the location to e.g. Copenhagen that all values below 0 are zeroed. But anyway, now that we know where the problem lies it should be easy to fix :)16:55
attahIs there a proper way for building sfos packages where the sources are a tarball in sfdk?17:41
attahOr is tar -xvf, cd, sfdk --specfile ... as good as it gets?17:41
piggzViGe: my watch is showing -19 for helsinki now18:55
malpiggz: yes, felt a bit chilly when I just went for a walk :)19:16
attahconfigure: error: librsvg needs at least rustc version 1.70.019:26
attahwell then...19:26
malattah: which version of librsvg?19:45
attahlatest, 2.57.119:46
attahBut since that's coming... i guess uplift can and should wait19:46
attahI took a random selection of 3+ year old somewhat internet-facing packages and started updating19:47
attah..i say as i just git to readline xD But it looked easy19:49
attahthough it has untagged "patches", and i'm not entirely syre how to version that19:50
piggzattah: hows your ppp behaving?20:12
attahpiggz: I'm failing to find inspiration to mess with it unfortunately :/20:14
attahAnd i was putting off excavating a test printer with some sfos package update20:15
piggz[m]i had printer fun today ... had to remove the print-head and soak it in alcolho to unblock the magenta ... printers are the worst20:16
malattah: while at it maybe try updating glib-networking, just noticed it was a bit old, assuming it doesn't need glib2 update20:17
attahIndeed, printers are the worst :)20:18
attahmal: Sure!20:18
attahunzip and gzip are also sort of on the list... but they have archives checked in20:21
malattah: I think upzip doesn't have any new versions20:25
attahRight, yes...20:27
attahmal: I do need 2.73 to go all the way with glib-networking20:28
attah...but someoen has prepared 2.78... so20:28
attahUnless that has yet more dependencies that seems doable20:29
attahand it does :)20:29
malok, maybe it can wait then20:32
malI had some issues with that latest glib220:32
attahI'll try building them all and see what happens20:33
attahBut now, lets see if i managed to use zlib in my printer stuff20:34
attahglib-networking - yes, compressed printouts - no20:58

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