Wednesday, 2024-01-03

ViGeattah: short answer: tar xf && sfdk --specfile is as good as it gets. Long answer:
ViGepiggz: I get -21 here. Beautiful, thank you! :)05:12
piggz[m]Vige: have you played the find-my-phone sound?09:56
ViGepiggz[m]: yes I have! It could be a bit louder, I have a feeling that if I truly don't know where my phone is, I'm going to be annoyed as I can't figure out where the chirping is coming from...10:13
piggz[m]Pfft, it was enough faff figuring out how to play a soubd that bypassed the OS silent/volume!10:15
piggz[m]Ps, the chirp is a bajoran communicator10:15
ViGeOh, of course it is! :-D10:18
*** rainemak__ is now known as rainemak14:22

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