Thursday, 2024-01-11

poetasterflypig, flight booked. I'm coming to fossdem :)09:38
flypigpoetaster, fantastic! You got that done fast :) I'm very much looking forward to seeing you there!10:16
poetasterflypig, when the GF commands, I deliver :) I'm looking forward to it too!10:20
poetasterflypig, let me know if I can help with the Linux on Mobile stand. I arrive a bit late on saturday (about 2 in the aft), but an there all sunday.10:26
flypigpoetaster, haha :) I can see you're also wise :)10:46
flypigpoetaster, concerning the stand, if that's a genuine offer, then I might want to take you up on it :) There are a few periods on Sunday when I won't be able to be on the stand, so if you're genuinely interested...?10:47
poetasterflypig, sure thing.11:04
poetasterI just briefly flew over the schedules, but I'm game for a couple of shifts.11:05
nephroshey guys, anyone interested in "my" XDG Desktop Portal project?12:29
direc85[m]As desktop portal seems to be the path going forwards, yes!14:27
rubdos[m]Has there been any chatter related to a Sailfish dinner already, flypig ? :')14:42
rubdos[m]I have a bit of a weird weekend with very little FOSDEM possibilities, but I'd love to squeeze it in anyway14:42
flypigpoetaster, great to hear, thank you! I'll post something on the forum about it (and make sure I @ you).15:25
flypigrubdos[m], yes there has, and it'd be great if you can join us! Rainemak is arranging something; plan is Saturday 19:00 CET, location to be decided.15:26
flypigMore info will probably end up here:
flypigDo you have any suggestions for places? Rainemak was hoping for somewhere that'd allow us to community-mingle.15:28
rubdos[m]I will ask my little spiders for a suggestion!15:28
flypigSuper! Thank you! Your web will deliver :D15:29
rubdos[m]And I can squeeze things in on Saturday night I think, I don't think anyone would join me to Cobra the Impaler and Turpentine Valley at the other side of the country anyways.15:30
poetasternephros, I'm interested in the sense that any progress toward usable, harbour friendly dbus is interesting.15:30
poetasterooooo. Cobra the Impaler!15:30
flypig:D (learning about Cobra the Impaler...)15:31
rubdos[m]I didn't know either, but they're very much up my alley :'-)15:32
rubdos[m]But driving to Deinze and back for two small bands, oh well.15:32
flypigIt sounds like we'll be better off for your unwillingness drive there!15:34
flypignephros, it's a great idea; I'm definitely interested and would love to contribute when I have the time.15:36
nephrosHm, a Forum Wiki post was suggested to coordinate that Portal stuff. Maybe I'll draw something up.16:09
nephrosMy vision for this would be a kind of tit-for-tat agreement - once implementation tasks have been defined, there could be a "we, community devs will tackle that one, in exchange Jolla commits to tacking that one.".16:11
poetasternephros, wiki sounds like a good idea.16:14
nephrosAlternative could be a Github orga, with all the wiki, issues etc. stuff.16:15
poetasternephros, hmmm. that might actually be a better start. hmmm.16:15
nephrosAlso, maybe other projects might be interested, like Glacier, or Nemo Mobile16:16
poetasternephros, in which case making it a github structure makes it more useful from the start.16:18
nephrosI think I'll copy the MO of our most well-known forum member, make a long winded thread about this huge new project, make a GH org, put a couple of markdown files into it, clone lots of things.16:28
nephrosLater realize no-one wanted that and blame it on others.16:28
poetasternephros, or you could just blame me now and skip the effort :)16:36
poetasternephros, kidding aside, I wanted to go look more closely at the flatpak method that rinigus uses in puremaps. But I'm not really sure it's at all 'portal' related. Just that dbus is exposed in a specific way.16:38
henkanyone know of a privacy-friendly stress-monitor (e.g. smartwatch) hardware that works with sailfish?21:55
malhenk: piggz probably might know22:29
b100dian[m]Well anything amazfish or rockpool supports can't be privacy-intrusive unlesa it has own sim card. There are some devices that do require initial pairing with the manufacturer app, such as huami-amazfit ones, but nothing after22:44
b100dian[m]Nephros: what is the killer feature for the new sanboxed + dbus api that everyone on Jolla harbour would appreciate? I'd start from there22:47
henkmal: thanks22:48
henkb100dian[m]: rockpool seems to only support pebble watches, right? thank you22:49
nephrosb100dian[m]: good suggestion, carrot instead of whip/nudging. :)23:33

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