Friday, 2024-01-12

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nephrosb100dian[m]: I originally came across Portals from experimenting with PipeWire (which does run fine but does nothing BTW.)07:40
nephrosFrom there, it seemed it's possible to use pipewire + wayland + a newer Mozilla to enable Video Chat and screencasting.07:41
nephrosThis is facilitated through Portals.07:41
rubdos[m]flypig / rainemak might be an option. I've never been there with a large crowd, but they will most probably separate us out into a dedicated romo!09:14
piggz[m]henk: amazfit gtr2/gts2 have a stress monitor function and work with amazfish .... amazfish doesnt pull in the stress readings though18:02
henkpiggz[m]: I see, thanks. I’m mainly looking for alarms about stress … so amazfit balance is not supported, or is it?19:49
henkor gtr4?19:49
piggz[m]balance isnt no ... they use zepp-os, not the older OS .... it could be supported but i dont have a device19:50
piggz[m]as its implemented in gadgetbride, implementation should be possible as its already reverse engineered19:50
piggz[m]now, if the community were to send such a device.... ;)19:53
henkhehe, sorry, I would if I could afford to but I currently can’t even afford one for me, probably19:54
piggz[m]hehe ... stress monitoring on the gtr2 is a manual operation ... tbf ... im not even sure what "stress" is in this context19:57
henkoh, i.e. no alarms?20:05
piggz[m]no i dont think so ... you can just ask it to tell you your stress level21:14
piggz[m]the newer watches might be better21:14

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