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henkI have waydroid working but I think I may have installed an android image without gapps. I want to use the app store, though. (for context: to be able to check whether any smartwatch apps work) and I think I need gapps for that. anyone know how I can install them?10:17
piggz[m]henk: you cant do BT via waydroid10:20
henkpiggz[m]: argh, thanks10:21
henkI’m starting to think I should switch to some form of android, just to make some aspects of my life a little easier /-: I’d prefer not to but often enough it feels like I’m just making my life harder than it needs to be without a lot of gain …10:25
malwhat are the main issues you are having?10:28
x2shenk: I know that feeling.10:32
henkmal: hm, personally? I got diagnosed with autism last year and my psychiatrist recommended to get some sort of stress monitoring device. now I’m trying to find one that has good monitoring and alarms. they (more or less) all use a companion app that’s only available for android/iOS and communicate via BT, so waydroid won’t help.10:32
henkother things include stuff like "parking meter apps" which would make parking more comfortable and cheaper but that could possibly even work with waydroid. app from the health insurer, which might possibly also work with waydroid. haven’t really tested yet, because getting waydroid to work in principle was hard enough and it just feels sluggish and I don’t have gapps on it10:35
henk(see above: can I install that later or do I have to re-init waydroid?). also android prompted me to update and now it just shows an empty window since ca. 30 minutes. not sure what’s going on there.10:35
malyeah, it's annoying that those only support Android/iOS, some do support usb syncing but only in windows/iOS (might have unofficial way in linux to get the data but not sure if some of the analysis is done in userspace anyway)10:35
x2shenk: what about a second device without internet access? Yes, means carrying around another phone, but you don't have to care about it that much10:36
malI always have two phones with me, one with sim and another without, for different uses10:37
x2sAs an autist myself this would annoy the heck out of me.10:37
henkhm, not sure I follow. use the SFOS phone for communication and the other with android for the other apps?10:39
henka lot of other apps do need the internet access, though … at least I think they do10:39
x2sthe parking meter app probably does (and takes all your personal data as well and sells it on the black market)10:40
malI often share network from the phone with sim to the other phone I have10:41
henk'sigh' re issues: main annoyance currently is my phone sometimes just "blocking" on the touchscreen and not accepting inputs anymore or registering "phantom touches" …10:43
x2sI think a lot of problems would just go away if we'd get a newer phone with sfos supporting Alien Dalvik. At least that's what I'm waiting for.10:43
x2shardware or software problem?10:44
malhenk: which phone is that?10:44
henkI put off contacting the vendor to first try and figure out whether it might be SFOS related, then I was 1.5 months out of the warranty window and now they say "sorry, we are _unable_ [emphasis mine] to repair that because it’s out of warranty. but we can give you a 20% discount on a new phone!"10:45
henkmal: gigaset gs290 (same model as volla)10:45
malwondering if piggz[m] has seen any such issues on those phones?10:48
x2shenk: does this sound familiar?10:57
x2s and this one got closed as "most likely an hardware issue"10:58
x2sso you might have to get a new display :(10:58
henkx2s: yes, sounds pretty much like what I’m experiencing. gigaset replied »This is usually an issue from the phone itself that needs to be repaired.«11:19
henk<rant> I didn’t even expect them to repair it for free, just tell me what might cause this, my options, and price for repair. instead they say they are "unable" to repair it. I hate when people get their modal verbs confused intentionally 'grml'11:20
henkx2s: they don’t say it’s the display, though, in these tickets. are you sure that it must be that? or could it be some other problem? I’d hate to pay for getting the display replaced and it turns out that doesn’t fix the issue …11:22
x2sI know that feeling. But there seems to be lots and lots of people not having problems with the touchscreen.11:22
x2sSo a software related issue is unlikely (although still possible).11:22
x2sI have found bugs where I was sure it has to be the hardware, but turned out to be just a weird edge case.11:23
malprobably good to wait for piggz to tell if similar issues have been observed before11:26
x2sout of curiosity I was looking for a replacement display for the gs290. I have the feeling when they said they can't repair it, it was really meant that way. I can't find any vendor selling a replacement display...11:34
piggz[m]no, ive not had any issues on sailfish on the volla's like that12:03
henkmal, x2s, piggz[m]: thanks for your inputs! I wrote back to gigaset and I’ll see what they say …12:13
henkbut even when I get this fixed: to properly use (i.e. with companion app) a stress monitoring device, I will need android in some form. but maybe the old tablet I have is good enough for setting it up. I don’t care too much about notifications from my phone on a smartwatch or anything …12:21
x2swhat do I have to imagine what a stress monitoring device is? Just a smart watch? Or something else?12:23
malyeah, that sounds like a reasonable idea, syncing the watch only needs to be done randomly unless notifications are wanted12:23
malx2s: pretty much a smart watch12:24
x2sSo it could be one that can be programmed itself and have the monitoring software run on it directly?12:24
henkx2s: has a nice overview of different devices. there are mainly smartwatches, wristbands, chest straps, but also sleeves, shirts, collars, …12:26
x2sInteresting. I'll try to read it later.12:27
henkalso at least three companies have rings, one is mentioned in that paper, two more have presented their devices at the CES and heise reported about it:
x2sI maybe could benefit from such a device telling me to put on my noise cancling headphones...12:28
henkalso:  Gdańsk University of Technology12:28
henkthey seemingly built their own device but no idea whether it’s available commercially or what it can interface with or whether it’s communication protocol is free, etc12:30
malhenk: also that article is from 2018 so might be there are more devices now12:34
henkmal: yes. I tend to assume that the "emerging solutions" may be considered stable until now and everything that emerged afterwards is still in its infancy, though.12:36
x2sI wonder what the metrics are and if they could be implemented directly on say the PineTime
henkAFAICT the measurements for heart rate are not that reliable …13:16
henkI’d also like to have a device that measures more factors, like electrodermal activity or skin temperature13:17
x2syeah, I wonder if there are other devices with those features out there that can be programmed13:25
x2sElon says that Ship 25 would have reached the orbit if they had a payload on board.13:45
x2sThey dumped lots and lots of liquid oxygen, which then ignited somehow something and cause the ship to explode13:45
x2suh, wrong channel...13:46
Tomin_well, I think ships and sailfish go together well ;)14:26
nephrosThe irc log page gives a 403 currently19:46
malKeto: ^19:50

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