Tuesday, 2024-01-16

x2shenk: I've looked through the studies now. Interesting stuff. I've got to talk to my cousin about it maybe.14:27
henkx2s: about?14:35
x2shenk: about the smartwatch stuff. Maybe I can initiate something. But no promises, can take some time until I talk to him and I'm not sure if he's at all interested15:26
henkx2s: what do you have in mind?15:27
henkI mean: there are apparently already quite a few devices that can be helpful …15:28
x2sI took a quick search and those which helped the most were devices that were developed by big universities and cost in the thousands15:29
x2sand integrated into a rather closed environment.15:30
x2sThere's a slim chance to change that15:31
henkI haven’t really gotten around to reading the studies in full, yet. but I have also heard that most commercially available devices do not have great measurement accuracy …15:33
x2sIn "our" usecase the accuracy isn't the important part, but being able to decide when several thresholds are reached, to warn the user15:34
x2sand what I have in mind here would be another study15:34

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