Thursday, 2024-01-18

direc85[m]How could I use the `<a>` color that `Text.RichText` uses in `Text.StyledText`? There probably are some defined colors somewhere, but I can't find anything from the documentation... `color: inherit` just gives me black text, which is obviously not correct...19:46
direc85[m]Or how could I use theme-based colors in label using Text.StyledText?19:47
direc85[m](I think I got those the wrong way around, but you get the picture)19:48
attahdirec85[m]: stackoverflow suggests either QPalette QPalette::Link/QPalette::LinkVisited, or a <span> n the <a>19:50
attahHmm, i think i misunderstood, but accidentally almost answered anyway19:53
attahAssuming current QPalette can be gotten and read19:53
direc85[m]Okay, I think I have a workaround now...20:01
attahI think QPalette looks attractive, if it's supposed to be app-global20:02
direc85[m]The solution I went with is adding a property inside the Label element `property string cssStyle: "<style> a { color: " + linkColor + " } </style>"` and prefixing the wanted text with that text. It makes the element even responds to theme changes!20:43
direc85[m]Feel free to use :)20:46

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