Sunday, 2024-01-28

piggz[m]attah:  numpy and opencv are in chum18:40
attahpiggz[m]: Wohoo! Now i just need to make an icon for the thermal camera app (and remember how chum submissions work)18:43
attahOkay... seems i at least got somewhere when i tried to build on OBS... but "nothing provides opencv-devel"19:20
malattah: you don't link to chum in that project19:22
malmaybe you should replace those kf5 repos with chum?19:23
attahdidn't know that was a thing, but seems easy enough to do19:23
attahProbably.. i don't think i'll be publishing my markdown viewer anyway19:24
attahseems i'm getting the repo part wrong... any clues?19:27
attahdo i really have to put a specific version?19:28
malI fixed the i486 build for you19:30
attahoops, what did i miss? Or was i just slower than you arriving to this config?19:31
malI noticed you were missing the repo lines there19:32
malor maybe you were still changing those19:32
attahI saw that eventually too, yes19:32
attahThat seems to have worked19:38
attahNo i just need to trick someone into buying a thermal camera so that i have users19:39
attahmal: So i assume i really have to put a specific chum version?19:40
malyeah, we don't seem to have any "latest" chum19:42
attahimprovement suggestion! :)19:42
malpiggz: any opinion?19:42
malpiggz[m]: ^19:43

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