Monday, 2024-01-29

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piggz[m]Rinigus: ^^13:29
nephros_mal: Sorry, you were asking last week about an example for
nephros_One package which shows this is although that's not a perfct example.15:19
nephros_Note that I do have a manual Provides: line in the yaml/spec, and you can see the effect that the aarch64 only has one Provides: line, while the 32bit ones have two (one autodetected, one manual).15:20
malok, I'll have a look15:22
riniguspiggz maybe we should. Also would be great to reduce the number of repos. I think mal suggested some time ago to drop minor version in repo name. But that would require changes in the code and some transition period16:53
malwondering if ssu supports some kind of way to get release version without the last number16:56
malnephros_: quite strange that when looking at some random package in devel the aarch64 build shows for SDL for example "pkgconfig(sdl2) = 2.28.0"16:58
malnephros_: wait, the pkgconfig files are supposed to go to %{_libdir} not %{_prefix}/lib17:00
maltry changing that in spec17:00
Ketossu only has the full release version in repo variables, we should probably add releaseMajor there17:22
KetoI believe it would go here
Ketoif someone wants to contribute17:25
malunfortunately that will only help with future releases17:37
Ketoor maybe it should have releaseMajor for X.Y and releaseMinor for X.Y.Z17:37
maltoo bad obs doesn't support aliases for repos17:38
Ketowe could just symlink the full version repos on the repo server for backwards compatibility17:47
nephros_mal: on OBS, is pkgconfig run from native or from build host arch?18:01
malhmm, not sure what you mean, but all the spec files we have use libdir not hardcoded usr/lib for pkgconfig files, because we do use lib64 for aarch6418:02
malnephros_: in your spec you force lib instead of using libdir18:02
malin your bug report you mention lib64 but in that example case you don't use it18:04
nephros_pkgconfig doc sais "libdir" is where pkgconfig is installed. that is lib64 on aarch64 and lib on i486. Now, if cmake uses pkgconfig, and cmake is run from the i486 build system, it will not find files in lib64.18:06
malhave you tried to do what I suggested?18:06
malor will I do it :)18:07
nephros_yes, in fact I started hardcoding /lib *because* sometimes rpmbuild would not find the Provides correctly.18:08
nephros_but I'll do a Poc example with all variations and try to nail it down more precisely.18:09
malthat seems to work just fine18:13
malso I still wonder what the problem is because that is the normal way I suggested and the provides looks correct18:15
nephros_ok thanks. I have to backtrack where I was coming from - will report back.18:22
rinigusKeto: re symlink - does it mean that we already could have added 4.5.0 and then symlink to it all 4.5.0.x repos?18:37
Ketorinigus: possibly. would need to test it in practice18:53

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