Friday, 2024-02-09

rubdosAny chance someone can help me reset my OBS/ password?  Doesn't seem to be in my password manager10:19
rubdos[m]Chum docs tell me to ping lbt, but I don't see lbt around :')10:20
Ketorubdos[m]: you can reset the password at
rubdos[m]aha! thanks :)10:28
rubdos[m]... which made me find my password, thanks10:29
nephrosHi, can someone who speake c++20 and gcc verify for me that this is a valid replacement:
nephrosthank you.13:07
nephrosrubdos[m]: do you use the osc tool?13:16
rubdosnephros: no, haven't succesfully used it before13:16
malosc is very useful13:17
nephrosah ok. because that saves the password in a creative obfuscated way.13:17
nephros... that you can reverse.13:17
rubdosWell, I had it in my pw manager under merproject.org13:17
rubdosso I renamed that entry to
rubdosthat should help13:17
b100dian[m]nephros: sounds like they produce the same output at least in a recent gcc13 version:
nephrosb100dian[m]: thanks. cool tool, that! I took it from an (afaics) reliable source , but as this is patching a crypto function I wanted to double check.16:41
rubdosyikes, ASN1 parsing19:22
nephros:) always something one is thankful someone else implemented it.19:33
nephrosGrr, why does it fail autoMOCing a QML file?19:34
nephrosand only on ARM, not x8619:34
direc85[m]I compared it with i486 build log and didn't spot anything obvious...20:10
nephrosdirec85[m]: thanks for looking. I suspect something like a .so loading failure in one of the involved tools.20:15
direc85[m]Also you might want to nuke lines from the log with this regex for easier read: ^.*  \(WARNING\).*Path not found for FD \d, for .*$\n (That's what I used, anyway)20:34
malthose useless messages are something we should fix :)20:36
direc85[m]nephros: I did spot this:... (full message at <>)20:37
direc85[m]No other errors AFAICT20:37
direc85[m]Another trick for easier error grepping is first replacing every -Werror with -Weeror for example, that way the number of error matches goes down a lot20:39
nephrosdirec85[m]: That rpm exec format error is normal, that comes from the vm build root setup on OBS.21:06
nephrosBut I will take those regex suggestions :) and put them into my OBS GUI's Log viewer.21:07
nephrosWell, if ARM does't compile I guess I'll have to dust off the Tablet for testing...21:14
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