Saturday, 2024-02-10

zotanMister_Magister: Which device is shown in your Youtube video of 180/360 videos?11:36
Mister_Magisterzenfone 8 but don't buy this piece of shit asus scammers removed ability to unlock bootloader11:36
nephrosweird: c1plus: fatal error: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/itinerary-v23.03.80/build/src/app/IndoorMapElevatorSheet_qml.cpp: Permission denied13:31
zotanMister_Magister: That's a shame.20:51
nephrosthis appears to fix my problem but it's not clear to me why:
nephrosHey cool- KDE Itinerary app works - even scanning a bar code via camera!22:41
malpoetaster: I noticed next godot release (4.3) will include wayland support, might make porting it to sailfish much easier in the future22:42
malI'll try to build that22:44
poetastermal, that sounds great!22:48
malpoetaster: for reference
poetastermal, thanks!22:57

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