Sunday, 2024-02-11

jrghello. i was just curious if anybody knew the status of sailfishOS on the fxtec based phones. the only thing i saw was a video from quite a while back on youtube going through the motions of using it and it looked rather far along.02:40
piggz[m]<jrg> "hello. i was just curious if..." <- well supported14:58
jrgReally? I only took a look at the ubuntu touch post someone responded to with on mastodon and it seems like the fingerprint reader and volume control didnt work.16:15
jrgAre both the pro 1 and 1x well supported?16:15
jrgAnd if so where is information on how to install? I may take that route and see how well it works out.16:15
b100dian[m]piggz: your marketing department is [s]lacking:)16:21
piggz[m]jrg: try the last build from here
piggz[m]vlagged: when stretched thinly, marketting gets dropped ;)17:26
malpiggz[m]: adding some readme to github would help17:53
piggz[m]mal: agreed ... on the PP github, i managed a suite of wiki documentation17:54
jrgtoo bad it's impossible to find / buy them19:21
jrgtheir website has been 'out of stock' for a year if not more. i guess since covid and the chip shortage.19:21
Mister_Magisterzotan: it really is19:51
direc85[m]I'm trying to run SFDK on KaOS (bespoke distro which uses pacman). After installing dependencies, installation works, emulator starts and build engine also starts. SSH tests work fine, but I can't deploy to the emulator from IDE nor from terminal.22:08
direc85[m]There's no custom configuration anywhere, and the threads in the forum don't seem to help22:08
direc85[m]One thing I noticed is that from inside the build engine root ssh I can't run iptables-save22:09
direc85[m]All I get is this:... (full message at <>)22:10
direc85[m]I have no clue what's going on. On the host the commands work, and I've added myself to docker group and rebooted.22:10
direc85[m]On the host iptables is 1.8.10 but that shouldn't affect this.22:10
martyonedirec85[m]: Does `sfdk engine exec sudo ping` work without error?22:23
Thaodandirec85[m]: did you do a kernel update before you ran the command and didn't reboot?22:25
direc85[m]<martyone> "direc85: Does `sfdk engine..." <- The ping works, I get a response.22:55
direc85[m]<Thaodan> "direc85: did you do a kernel..." <- I did update my kernel today, quite sure it happened earlier though. I'll purge SFDK, check for updates, reboot and then re-install SFDK again, let's see if that helps.22:57
martyoneDoes `sfdk engine exec sudo iptables -L -v -t nat -n` show about 20 mappings in a chain named "dnat-emulators"?22:58
ThaodanDid you reboot after the kernel update?23:02
ThaodanI could be that the module for iptables couldn't be loaded23:02
direc85[m]I noticed this in the installer, likely VirtualBox 6->7 stuff: `Warning: --audio is deprecated and will be removed soon. Use --audio-driver instead!`23:25
direc85[m]<martyone> "Does `sfdk engine exec sudo..." <- I only get this:... (full message at <>)23:29
direc85[m]<Thaodan> "Did you reboot after the..." <- Yes. Just rebooted and re-installed SFDK, same thing.23:30
direc85[m]Welp. vboxdrv taints the kernel from the get-go: WARNING: CPU: 4 PID: 13142 at /buildsys/apps/virtualbox-modules/src/vbox-kernel-module-src-7.0.14/vboxdrv/r0drv/linux/memobj-r0drv-linux.c:564 rtR0MemObjLinuxApplyPageRange+0x81/0xb0 [vboxdrv]23:43
direc85[m]Later there's this: asm_exc_invalid_op+0x16/0x2023:43

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