Monday, 2024-02-26

henksometimes my device makes a sound when I unplug the charger, sometimes it doesn’t. what’s the pattern with that?00:01
malhenk: have you noticed if it matters if battery is full or not?00:12
henkmal: yeah, that was my most recent assumption but turned out to not be true: I just unplugged it a few minutes ago and it was at 59%. maybe above 50% or so?!00:18
malanything in journal log?00:26
direc85[m]Battery Buddy making a chime?00:59
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henkmal: I’ll check next time, anything i particular I should be looking out for? because AFAIR it is quite noisy in general.12:07
henkdirec85[m]: no, not installed12:07
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henknew theory: when I plug it in and do not choose any mode ("charging only", "developer mode", "mtp"), it makes a noice when unplugging. when I choose any mode it does not15:11
malhenk: interesting, need to test16:22
malhenk: I can't get my x10iii to make any sound when doing that16:23
mrcyjanekHeya! I'm currently trying to put together flutter port for sfos (thank you Mister_Magister and TheKit), everything looks great as for now - but in order to get keyboard to work I had to rebuild SailfishOS/maliit-framework with -Denable-glib=ON (instead of OFF) in order for the flutter embedder to compile. I was told to ask here if it could be possible to change that option to ON in order for flutter apps to work out of the box16:50
Mister_Magistermal: any reason it's off?16:53
malMister_Magister: you mean the qmlqtsink? not sure yet, need to test if that even works17:14
Mister_Magisternono what mrcyjanek said17:17
Mister_Magister here17:17
malprobably because we didn't think it was needed17:33
mrcyjanekmal: I've tested it on Xperia 10 III - by running that cmake command and doing make install, keyboard works as expected (both in flutter and all other apps). Here is a PR:

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