Tuesday, 2024-02-27

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piggz[m]mal: rinigus chum has a design intention to not clash with jolla packages.  As 4.6 will come with pcre2, should we disabled pcre2 in chum for all new releases?19:51
riniguspiggz: I think so. which means that we have to manually enable the rest and disable by default19:52
malpiggz[m]: just replace it with the one from sfos git for now, then disable it for any new targets from 4.6 forward19:53
piggz[m]yeah, sounds like a pain19:53
malrinigus: do you have any script for that, some osc magic via script should do that easily19:54
malhopefully osc can do that19:54
rinigusmal: no, I don't have such a script. maybe there is something for qt... but I doubt it would be that extensive19:55
malprobably locally doing some script to generate the needed meta and then adding that to obs19:56
malnot via the ui way but via meta19:56
malI did something like that manually by generating the meta in the text editor19:59
rinigusI was sure that earlier we had all qt Meta as disabled by default and targets added as needed. looking at https://build.sailfishos.org/package/meta/sailfishos:chum:testing/qtbase it seems to be opposite. script for enabling/disabling is at https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/qt5/blob/main/scripts/update-obs-targets.sh (see the end) and its using a small python module in the same folder20:08
rinigusmal: piggz ^20:08
malI wonder if that was by me20:13
malbecause enabling qt for each new target was annoying20:13
rinigusmal: was done cleanly - no trace in obs history :) . but probably obs doesn't track meta changes20:14
rinigusre enabling: yes, that's why the script was written.20:15
rinigushmm, we even had it in the docs: https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/qt5/blob/main/updates.md20:15
rinigusmal: sorry for wasting your time on this meta update. I should have kept an eye on it20:16
malI didn't know there was such a script to do that20:18
maldo you think it's bad to have those enabled by default and disabled for the old targets?20:20
rinigusmal: good question. that means that every qt package we add would need the same meta. which is copy-paste - so, rather easy.20:22
rinigusprobably it is OK to keep as it is.20:23
rinigusif really needed, we can inject new meta files by the script as well. just have to keep list of packages up to date at https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/qt5/tree/main20:24

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