Sunday, 2024-03-03

malb100dian[m]: that is just one of the plugins, also the one with -hidl02:00
mal*without -hidl02:00
nephrosb100dian[m]: I'm not pushing PW at all, many Portals can be done without it.07:42
nephrosSad thing is, it is a drop-in replacement for PA *except* it can't load PA plugins.07:43
nephrosBut, it does run on sfos. n one test phone i have it running parallel to PA, and tunneling audio to sfos PA.07:45
nephrosexcept it doesn't make a sound and I can't figure out why.07:46
nephrosplus, PW also does video, so new plugins would have to be there integrating with ?hybris? ?lipstick? ?wayland?07:48
piggz[m]rinigus: when the portal code progresses, ill probably do a pr for qt-runner to depend on it, and add the required env var09:42
riniguspiggz: nice!09:43
nephrospiggz[m]: in the mood for testing once more? AFAICS calling FileChooser.OpenFile should now present a file picker system dialog.18:17
nephrospiggz[m]: lovely. All you need is new xdg-desktop-portal-amber packages.18:19
piggz[m]this is what amber prints18:30
piggz[m][D] unknown:0 - FileChooser.OpenFile called with parameters:... (full message at <>)18:30
nephrosCan you try to run /usr/bin/xdg-desktop-portal-amber-ui --prestart manually, and then trigger the OpenFile again?18:32
nephrosits still a mystery when exactly all those dbus registrations happen, and by what.18:35
nephros(mystery to me that is)18:36
piggz[m]that binary doesnt exist18:36
nephrosthat is from xdg-desktop-portal-amber-qml18:37
nephroslatest build is xdg-desktop-portal-amber-qml-1.0.0+poc.20240303175538.114ac72-1.141.1.jolla.aarch6418:38
piggz[m]ooo, some success18:39
nephrosactually no, latest ist 1.142.118:39
piggz[m]nephros: almost ... dialog is shown, but after accepting file there is some issue and its not shown in tokodon18:45
piggz[m]can see any logs in either -amber or tokodon18:45
piggz[m]this is dbus-monitor
piggz[m]for the repoy18:49
nephrosBrilliant, thanks for that. I wasn't sure the response was sent at all.18:52
nephrosI *think* the signal that is sent is the right one, likely the format/signature is wrong for what Tokodon expects.18:53
piggz[m]nephros: when i posted the "toot" ... the text went ok, but it claimed there was an error reported from the masttodon server for some media18:54
nephrosSo your test case is a toot with image attachment?18:56
piggz[m] server replied18:56
piggz[m]Unprocessable Content18:56
piggz[m]no idea what was posted though18:57
nephrosAha. Well, right now I'm returning a bare path. Maybe a file:/// uri is expected, or a file handle (please no). Something like that.18:57
nephrosI'll llook into the Response spec.18:57
nephrosStill, the fact that a file selector is shown is success.18:57
nephros"Backends must normalize URIs of locations selected by the user into “file://” URIs. URIs that cannot be normalized should be discarded."19:00
nephrosSo lets try that :)19:00
piggzyeah i  just tested on desktop19:02
nephrosAh! Useful.  We want an array of file:// uris.19:05
malalso notice the different, variant string vs variant19:08
malnot sure if important19:08
malnephros: ^19:08
nephrosYes. Also I'm not clear whether the dialog should directly answer on the Request object, or whether the backend should wait for the response and return it itself.19:09
nephrosmal: those dbus arg signatures are always important :)19:10
nephros.. and the all the mashalling is annoyingly opaque, so thanks a lot for pointing int out.19:16
nephros(completely  - or not quite - unrelated rcomplaint): in ancient times, we had And everyone agreed it was terrible. Looking at "modern" Linux, it appears people did not learn from
piggz[m]nephros: how many interfaces are you implementing?19:44
piggz[m]nephros: also, where does the -amber name come from?19:53
piggz[m]why not -lipstick ?19:53
nephrosHow many I want to implement? t fist it was low-hanging-fruit, so Screenshot, Wallpaer, Email20:53
nephrosBut then you came around with an actual real-world usable thing, File dialog for Kirigami.20:53
nephrosWhy amber not Lipsick? Meh, naming things is hard. Nemo is also a candidate.20:55
nephrosI just picked amber at random.20:55
nephrosMaybe depending on how interaction between community and Jolla/Jollyboys works out, community parts are -amber and Jolla parts are -jolla20:57
nephrosbut I think, after I figured out how to correctly return that file chooser results that is as far as I will take it,20:58
nephroswhen that one is working I'll call it a proper PoC, do some documentation and bring it to a Community Meeting.21:01
piggz[m]doenst need a community meeting, its gonna be great, get it in chum so i can depend on it :)21:05
nephrospiggz[m]: I would agree, but it looks like some things aught to be implemented in closed-source parts. So if they want Portals to happen, they should either implement those things, or opensource the components and let the community do it.21:11
nephrospiggz[m]: I would agree, but it looks like some things aught to be implemented in closed-source parts. So if they want Portals to happen, they should either implement those things, or opensource the components and let the community do it.21:15
nephroswhoops, sorry.21:15
piggz[m]you dont need to implement all the APIs .. just start with whats useful. and add new over time as theyre worked out/required21:26
nephrospiggz[m]: precisely. is an anaysis/roadmap/plan kind of thing.21:29
nephrosSomething like the Email interfact is not strictly necessary but is easy to do and it works.21:29
nephrosOther stuff would be more useful but far more complext to do right.21:30
piggz[m]ah, useful doc...21:30
piggz[m]do you need a status/complete column?21:31
nephrospiggz[m]: Eventually, yes, Right now none of the interfaces are spec-compliant, some are available, two even work.21:41
* nephros is calling it a day for now. nightnight21:44
malnephros: at least don't name it -nemo, it's legacy naming and should not be used anymore, unfortunately it would be too much work to get rid of it completely22:34
malpiggz[m]: before getting that into chum would be nice to decide the name properly22:35
piggz[m]yeah .. nephros can name it as he feels fit i guess .... is there ia possibility of jolla creating a desktop-portal in the future that could name clash?22:37

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