Monday, 2024-03-04

nephrospiggz[m]: Jolla will name it either 'defaultportal', or √Ąteritsiputeritsipuolilautatsij√§nk√§07:14
ViGeI'd vote for the latter name07:28
nephros:) :)07:37
nephrosBut is there a convention about the Amber name, like the web auth plugin? Is it for things that came from OMP or so?07:40
KetoI don't know if there is exact rules for it, but I think it's kind of middleware namespace, where silica is for UI components07:45
Ketoso, in that sense it is probably ok for the portals stuff. but we should probably plan a bit in advance how this PoC could possibly move forward, and how the naming of things affects that07:50
piggz[m]looking on opensuse, the available pakages are -gnome -gtk -kde -kde6 -lxqt  -wlr and -hyperland ... typically names after the desktop env?08:35
nephrosyes. there is also afork of -kde called -kirigami, and there's -td.09:10
nephrosI am not set on -amber at all but didn't want to use -sfos or -chum or so.09:10
nephrosThere are however also function-specific names, like -gnome-keyring09:25
nephrosSo you can use the -gtk implementation per default, but -gnome-keyring specifically for the "Access" portal.09:25
b100dian[m]rinigus: thanks for fixing puremaps uri handler!09:46
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ilpianistaplease, could someone share the SailfishOS < EULA? I would like to get a diff15:38
Nico1Hm, looks hard to export from my phone... :D15:39
ilpianistait's at /usr/share/jolla-settings/platform-eula/sailfish_termofuse-en_GB.txt15:40
* Nico1 posted a file: (14KiB) < >15:45
Nico1That should be .2415:45
ilpianistathanks! I've just replied to the forum with the diff15:46
ilpianista(nothing interesting IMHO, they've just removed references to codec patents and Here)15:50
Nico1Well, and changed their company name and removed a few spaces15:52
ilpianistayep, that part was in the announcement :-)15:53
Nico1But yeah, nothing concerning and such15:53
direc85[m]So is the .25 update for EULA only? No other updates or changes?16:54
direc85[m]Okay, thanks!17:11
Mister_Magistermal: You are jollyboy now?17:14
rubdos[m]That's quite an interesting diff actually :'-)17:49
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rinigusvlagged: was fixed a while ago, just forgot to release it. sorry18:22
b100dian[m]No worries. Link2clip was the workaround for me;)21:41
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