Tuesday, 2024-03-05

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nephrosrinigus, mal: Do we have a workable solution/plan for the pcre2 situation? mal you said you would Obsolete the clashing packages in the SFOS version?17:35
nephrosI'll definitely push something like https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/pcre2/blob/083682ed2721a6aeb62a607a08c53905f13d69e3/rpm/pcre2.spec#L19-L24 so it does not get built on chum/4.6.17:47
rinigusnephros: no, I haven't looked into it. As soon as you figure out what to do with it and apply in chum:testing, ping me and I can do the same in chum19:39
piggz[m]nephros: any portal updates?22:24
nephrospiggz[m]: Always! :) Turns out the thing with pickers is not so easy.22:35
piggz[m]go on22:36
nephrosSo, in the previous thing th ePortal would launch the app, and the app would respond on the Reuest object.22:36
nephrosSorry, typos.22:37
nephrosSo that can't work because the portal implementation (amber) launches the dialog via dbus *but then returns immediately*.22:38
nephrosThat return should contain the picker results.22:38
nephrosBut it can't because the picker hasn't finished.22:39
nephrosI sound idiotic, its not easy to explain.22:40
nephrosAnyway, the change from yesterday is that now the portal backend launches the picker app, and waits for a finished signal, and only when that signal is received, the call returns.22:41
nephrosActually I am not clear I understand correctly what should happen according to spec. The Spec talks both about returning via Request dbus object, and has a request parameter to the original dbus call.22:45
nephrosI'm talking about that: https://flatpak.github.io/xdg-desktop-portal/docs/doc-org.freedesktop.impl.portal.FileChooser.html22:47
nephrosWe have "out results a{sv}"22:48
nephrosWhich is clearly where we should return our file uri or list of file uris.22:49
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nephrospiggz[m]: It's possibble that the lates build of https://build.sailfishos.org/package/show/home:nephros:devel:portals/xdg-desktop-portal-amber actually works for the picker thing, but I doubt it.22:54
nephrosFrom what I watch on dus  onitor, something closes the Request before the picker can return.22:55

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