Wednesday, 2024-03-06

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nephrosPooh, this was a journey. I hate hate hate DBus.20:43
nephrosrinigus: please test Portal-amber again with Kirigami.20:44
nephrosAh, sorry, piggz[m]20:44
piggz[m]ooo, ok20:44
nephrosI got sidetracked and implemented Settings interface as well. Which I *think* could be used to pretend being KDE, and making apps retrieve UI colors and fonts from Lipstick.20:45
piggz[m]nephros: it seems to return a file:// path, but doesnt work20:50
nephrosThanks for testing, could you show the dbus trace from Desktop once more? The last link expired.20:55
piggz[m]yeah,i was just making one!20:58
flypigdid you forget21:02
flypigHaha; oops; please ignore my cut-and-paste error.21:03
attahregardless - yes21:03
attah(i did forget to read the update today)21:03
nephrosAh, its again the   " variant array [ variant string "file:///foo" ]" vs " variant array [string "file:///foo" ]" thing mak pointed out last time.21:07
nephroswill Try QDBusVariant instead of QVariant maybe that helps.21:08
piggz[m]nephros: also, in the second call, the uri is missing completely?21:08
piggz[m]not sure why its repeated21:08
nephrosYes I noticed. Now I'm sending the reply manually instead of populating an out property.21:09
nephrosBut still, why would an unset out property have the uri string?21:09
nephrosI'll look into it.21:10
direc85[m]I recently had my share of QVariant[Map|List] shenanigans in Whisperfish. It all worked out though and now we're handling both "QVariantList<QVariantMap<QVariant<QString>,QVariant<QString>>>" and "QVariantList<QVariant<int>>" (IIRC) coming from QML to Rust via C++ shims. Fun! And because everything is essentially QVariant or its decendant, everything "worked" but just returned null values until I got the recipe just right.21:44
direc85[m]Now that I think about it, there's still some JSON stuff from Rust to QML going on, I'll make a note to get those fixed too.21:46
nephrosdirec85[m]: Thanks, yea I struggled with this as well, especially as Nemo.DBus likes to make everything variants.21:49
nephrosActually I struggle with everything dbus all the time  :P21:49
direc85[m]Me too... :)21:49
nephrospiggz[m]: new version, new try. Response seems to have the right type for the stringlist now.21:50
nephrosdirec85[m]: Yeah from time to time I just like to JSON.stringify() in QML and send as plain string over dbus to get by all the triple-marshaling.21:52
* piggz[m] uploaded an image: (416KiB) < >21:53
nephrosBut I learned about  QDBusArgument::beginStructure()/endStructure() and that is cool for arbitrary responses.21:55
direc85[m]If you want to have a peek, those are and respectively21:55
direc85[m]piggz[m]: That looks cool! I love the elephant too!21:56
piggz[m]thats just built into the tokodon client :)21:57
nephrosdirec85[m]: I feel I have fought dbus signatures enough for a day. And I don t speak rust. (But thats not an issue, I dont speak cpp as well.)21:58
direc85[m]If you limit yourself to only those loops, and ignore every try_into() and unwrap(), it's quite readable I think :Ö)21:59
piggz[m]nephros: well done, this is super useful22:01
b100dian[m]<nephros> "Actually I struggle with..." <- As someone who tried to take a grasp at the dbus stuff in hydrogen and failed, I think you're doing fine :P Struggle, but win22:02
nephrospiggz[m]: Great!22:02
piggz[m]file preview thumbnails might be handy ;)22:03
nephrosSrsly? Polish feature equests already? :D :D22:04
nephrosb100dian[m]: working version is xdg-desktop-portal-amber-...-1.231.1.jolla.aarch64.rpm. Note the 231 builds on OBS. :D22:05
piggz[m]nephros: do the systemd services work correctly? ive not maanged to get it to work without manually starting things at the terminal22:06
nephrospiggz[m]: The Picker popup needs some work. Doesn't work on landscape for example.22:06
nephrospiggz[m]: Not sure actually. The flatpak one should be ok, but I think it must be started after the amber one.22:07
direc85[m]nephros: You can optionally Finnish feature requests too ;)22:07
nephrosAlso, that XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP var must be in the (dbus) environment.22:08
nephroscould be that it isn't until you reboot, or force it via dbus-update-activation-environment22:08
piggz[m]you could add a file for that to /var/lib/environment/compositor i think22:08
nephrosThere is one already.22:08
piggz[m]ah ok22:09
nephrosAh but its at /var/lib/environment/amber/xdg-desktop.conf22:09
nephrosPossibly the flatpak daemon does not pick it up.22:10
piggz[m]yeah if you stick it in compositor, it will get loaded with lipstick22:14
b100dian[m]So the XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Lipstick is not a Qt launcher setting, but a dbus one?22:25
nephrosb100dian[m]: it is read by the xdg-desktop-portal binary to determine which config to use.22:32
nephrosb100dian[m]: So it must be in dbusses environment.22:33
nephrospiggz[m]: do you know if the target does anything on SFOS?22:34
nephrosBecause xdg-desktop-portal makes itself PartOf it in the unit files.22:34
b100dian[m]but wouldn't that just be an EnvironmentFile in systemd service file?22:34
nephrosb100dian[m]: yes, but in the case of dbus-activation the EnvironmentFile might have been placed after dbus has launched.22:35
nephrosso dbus might not have it in the env.22:35
nephrosBut that is basically only an issue on initial installation.22:36
piggz[m]nephros: i dont think that target is used22:38
nephrospiggz[m]: thought so. so the units must be adjusted.22:40
nephrospiggz[m]: thumbnails imolemented.22:41
piggz[m]alreadY? :D22:41
nephrosI'm much quicker in qtquick than in qt ;)22:42

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