Saturday, 2024-03-23

direc85[m]I'm trying to create a new systemd timer+service, but when I create the service with systemctl --user edit --force name-here.service it ever only stays as /home/defaultuser/.config/systemd/user/name-here.service.d/override.conf and is not --enableable or --editable wihtout --force. Any ideas? Xperia 10 III with here.11:27
direc85[m]It seems I forgot the --full parameter.11:37
malI didn't even know there something like systemd edit11:59
mal*there is11:59
direc85[m]I try not to manipulate files manually if there's a command for it :)17:56
b100dian[m]visudo vibes:)18:48
henkanyone know of a tool like, specifically where I can add tasks/todos that need to be done with a given regularity, e.g. every 2 weeks, but the countdown of that interval not automatically repeating but only when one instance is done? e.g. I need to get a new toothbrush every 5 years but it should just stay at "0 seconds left" and not restart the 520:13
henkyear countdown immediately again, but only when I have said "ok, I have gotten a new one, now restart the timer" 2 years after the timer ran out. (that example may be fictitious)20:13
direc85[m]I've been trying to get used to Taskwarrior, I think it just might be able to handle that... Not sure what kind of GUIs/apps it has though, I'm on command line.20:38
henkdirec85[m]: last time I checked they were planning to restructure that feature (repeating tasks) so that this is possible. no idea whether this is done yet. currently if I add a daily repeating task to it, e.g. for "water plants" and I don’t "do" that task today, tomorrow I would have two of them. any two week task will just have a copy of it show up every two weeks, e.g. on the20:43
henkfirst of a month, then on the 15th the second task, even when I only completed the first one on the 13th20:43
pherjung[m]<direc85[m]> "I've been trying to get used..." <-

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